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Master of Commerce @ University of Madras

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I am Jayasri, done my schooling in P.S.Senior Secondary School. I finished my post graduation in University of Madras. My hobbies are reading books, listening to music, and singing.

I can Teach:

ABC Costing, Absorption Costing, Accounting Cycle, Accounting Equation, Accounting for Government, Accounting for Pensions, Accounting Information System, Accounting Standard Codifications, Accounting: Concepts and Principles, Accrual & Cash Basis, Adjusting Entries, Amortization, Assets and Liabilities, Audit Evidence, Audit Test

Teaching Experience

I have graduated in Masters of Commerce, and also qualified UGC-National Eligibility Test for Assistant Professor. I am a dynamic, motivated teacher with experience in teaching at school level. I have done internship in teaching for students in schools. I design balanced, innovative program, that encourage students to make a positive impact on their local and global communities, within the scope of current curriculum framework and educational models.

My Expertise

  • ABC Costing
  • Absorption Costing
  • Accounting Cycle

Top subjects


1. Algebra Basics 2. Multi-step Equations and Inequalities 3. Relations & Functions 4. Linear Relations 5. Systems of Equations & Inequalities 6. Exponent Rules 7. Polynomials & Factoring 8. Quadratic Equations

Probability and Statistics

Random Experiment Sample Sample Random variables Expected Value Independence Variance Mean Types of events Complementary Event Mutually exclusive events Exhaustive events Measures of Dispersion Discrete Frequency Distribution Standard Deviation


Arithmetic is a branch of mathematics which deals with problems relating to Number system, Decimals, Fractions, Simplification, HCF and LCM, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Partnership, Average, Profit and Losses, Simple Interest and Compound Interest, Mensuration, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Data Interpretation, Trigonometry, etc

Basic Statistics

Random variables, distributions, quantiles, mean variance Conditional probability, Bayes' theorem, base rate fallacy Joint distributions, covariance, correlation, regression

Differential Equation

A. To find exact and numerical procedures for finding solutions to problems of differential equations. B. To interpret and present graphical and qualitative representations of solutions to problems. C. To understand fundamental concepts of differential equations, and the interrelationship between differential equations and linear algebra. D. To prepare for success in disciplines which rely on differential equations, and in more advanced mathematics which incorporate these topics, such as Partial Differential Equations. E. To communicate mathematics effectively, with proper notation and terminology.


Fractions Equivalent Fractions Types Of Fractions Comparing Fractions Adding Fractions Subtracting Fractions Adding And Subtracting Multiplying Fractions


Metric Measures Length Mass Capacity Converting From Higher To Lower Units Converting From Lower To Higher Units Addition And Subtraction Of Metric Measures Subtraction Estimation


Extending The Place Value Chart To Tenths Extending The Place Value Chart Hundredths And Thousandths Converting Fractions Into Decimals Converting Decimals Into Fractions Equivalent Decimals Expanded Form Of Decimals Comparing Decimals Addition Of Decimals Subtraction Of Decimals Use Of Decimals

Factors & Multiples

Hcf Lcm Prime Factorisation Hcf By Prime Factorisation Lcm By Prime Factorisation Lcm By Division Method

Assignment Problem

Assignment problem – Algorithm – Hungarian method – simple problems.(balanced and unbalanced assignment)

Demand and Supply

1.Elementary theory of Demand: Determinants of household demand and market demand, movement along and shift of the demand curve 2. Elementary theory of Supply: factors influencing supply, the supply curve, movement along and shift of the supply curve 3. The Elementary theory of market price: Determination of equilibrium price in a competitive market. 4. Market Adjustment without Government (with illustrations):the effect of shifts in demand and supply, the excess demand function, existence, uniqueness and stability of equilibrium

Pure Competition

Definition, features, reasons, Price-output determination


Definition, features, reasons, Price-output determination


Definition, features, reasons, Price-output determination

Monopolistic Competition

Definition, features, reasons, Price-output determination


Admission, retirement and death of a partner (problems)


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