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Chinu Singla

Chinu S.


Msc Honours School @ Panjab University Chandigarh Bsc non medical @ Panjab University Chandigarh

About me

Hi, I am Chinu, and I am a Math tutor. I love solving math problems and exploring newer ones to challenge myself. Currently, I am involved in research on “Harmonic Mappings”. I have also co-authored two publications on the subject and have presented my research in Math and Statistics on various national platforms. Being a math teacher is simply a natural extension of my enthusiasm for the subject. Over the last 5 years, I met a number of students and figured out a variety of ways to accommodate each type. I continue to be in pursuit of being a better teacher and researcher and as a result all my tutoring sessions are personalized and aimed towards communicating in ways that are simple to understand for my students.

I can Teach:

Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Operations, Basic Statistics, Bessel Functions, Decimals, Differential Calculus, Differential Equation, Discrete Mathematics, Estimation, Factors & Multiples

Teaching Experience


Mathematics is a universal language. All of us involuntarily engage in some calculations day-to-day. Whether one can solve complex problems is a matter of perseverance and passion. I am here to assist my students in solving problems both simple and complex. Whenever there is an opportunity, I engage them with puzzles and quizzes to sharpen their mathematical thinking. Besides, I make use of Venn diagrams, graphs, and practical examples to clarify and present alternate solutions. In these ways, I invest myself in helping my students get stronger at math each day.

My Expertise

  • Abstract/Modern Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Algebra Basics

Top subjects


Trigonometry is the detailed study of trigonometric ratios. I can help students with the basic concepts and also in solving questions with easy methods.

Algebra Basics

Algebra is the study of algebraic expressions and their possible roots. I can help sudents with the basics and solving questions with clarity.


Geometry is the study of shapes. I will help students to understand them visually.

Linear Algebra

i know the basics of linear algebra and i can solve questions in a simple way.


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