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Christy Jacob

Christy J.


Bachelor's in Arts @ Mahatma Gandhi University

About me

I am a easy to go with person who is understanding and helping. I don't merely like to study and teach but I am also interested in music and dance. I would love to explore the world through getting to know more land and culture through people from various countries. I have always imagined myself as a teacher and this platform is a head start to my career.

I can Teach:

Essay-Writing, Term Paper, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Annotated Bibilography, Reaction Paper, Application Paper, Dissertation, Dissertation Chapter, Editing, Resume Writing, CV Writing

Teaching Experience

I have not had any prior professional teaching experience but I am not a stranger to the field of teaching too. i have been on an internship where I was exposed to the teaching field particularly for the elementary school students. I am also exposed to teaching and presentation through seminars and projects.

My Expertise

Top subjects


I am a person who is familiar with speeches and presentations on various contexts. I can aid you to develop speech or presentation on your demand as i have done it for myself and others.


As an English post-graduate student, I am more than acquainted to the world of letters and literature. Vocabulary expansion has always been my field of interest and hence, I will be able to help you to develop your vocabulary


I have chosen my career path through English. Therefore, you can expect my help not just in terms of language but also on English Literature as well. Literary theories can also be discussed.


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