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Btech @ Vardhaman college

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I Dhayaker reddy completed my graduation in 2017 with 80.66% Mostly I preferred to read books, playing cricket

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Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Differential Calculus, Linear Algebra, Arithmetic, Differential Equation, Matrix Algebra

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I have no teaching experience, but I will explain each topic which is easy to understand

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Trigonometry is the branch of mathematics and it is the foundation of applied geometry it has sin, cos, tan, sec, cosec, for

Algebra Basics

It deals with finding unknown terms in equations like ax + by +c and some polynomial equations


Study of mathematical symbols and it deals with number theory and geometry for example 2x + 3 y is an algebraic expression

Differential Calculus

It is a sub field of calculus. It deals with the study of the rates at which quantity change. In this primary objective is the derivative of the function, related notions such as the differential and their applications

Linear Algebra

It is one of the type of algebra, which is used to find the rank of the matrix, unique solution, etc


It deals arithmetic operations like addition subtraction, multiplication, division

Differential Equation

It is the subjects deals with the maxima and minima values. In this some of the techniques used to algebraic equations

Matrix Algebra

Matrix algebra, in this we will do find the rank of the matrix, unique solutions, infinite solutions.

Signals and Systems

It is the basic subject deals with the signals which contains information and deals with the different systems which is signals are applied and to find their properties

Communication Engineering

Communication which means transfering the signals or information between the people or devices. In this subject we deals with the different modulation techniques and transmitting and receiving the data. Noise, distortion, some of the topics

Control System

Control system is a combination of elements arranged in planned manner wherein each elemnt causes an effect to produce a desired output. It deals with the some of the stability techniqt

Digital Electronics

It is the very popular subject now a days. It is the fundamental subject of digital systems. It deals with the logic gates, combinational circuits, sequential circuits and timers, counters


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