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Divya Goel

Divya G.


Btech @ Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Engineering

About me

My interests outside of school are freelance writing and reading novels.Currently I am running a blog and also I like playing badminton and listening to music.

I can Teach:

Essay-Writing, Speech/Presentation, Editing, English

Teaching Experience

Currently I am pursuing Btech from IP University.I have two years of work experience.I have taken home tuitions.

My Expertise

Top subjects


Chemistry is also one of my strong areas.Physical and organic chemistry are my areas of interest.

Basics of Matter

This topic is the core topic in Chemistry.Chemistry is my favourite subjects and I can surely help students understand this topic better

Cell Biology

Cell biology is a very vast area.Our body is made up of cells and knowing about them and teaching students about them will be very interesting


In my course of engineering I have many presentations and given many speeches.Also I was the president of my society in school so I used to give many speeches there .I can help students in developing speeches on useful topics.


Since English is my favourite subject and I own a blog and I have also been writing product reviews,so I will surely help in editing the articles.


English has been one of my favourite subjects from school.Grammar is my strong area and being a freelance writer has also made me good in English.


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