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Dragana Vucicevic

Dragana V.


Physician @ Medical Faculty, University of Belgarde

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I like traveling, reading, studying of new languages, sport, writing, painting, photography and of course making new friendships! I spent lot of time as Volunteer Bible Teacher since 1998 to present. I am experienced in speaking and conversing with a variety of different people from many backgrounds. Teaching using technology like video and audio. Teaching people how to apply knowledge learned to real-life experiences. Use various teaching techniques, asking concept checking questions, helping student to arrive at correct conclusions, listening for comprehension.

I can Teach:

Essay-Writing, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Editing, CV Editing, Cover Letter, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Vocabulary, Business English, English

Teaching Experience

Hello! My name is Dragana and I am 43 years old. I live in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. I graduated Gymnasium ( awarded with Vuk Karadžić diploma for the best results during Elementary and Secondary School ) and Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade and obtained a diploma of a Doctor of General Medicine. During my schooling, I was awarded two times for essays, short stories in Serbian. Later on, during my university schooling, I continued to advance in English, studying all types of English literature and learning English with native speakers. When I graduated my main chores were with English. Last 6 years and a half, I am totally immersed in teaching English online and onsite and translating as a Teacher for, where I was getting a variety of chores and projects with English. I translate content or video material for websites, technical literature ( which I have never objected to, although I am SME ), general texts. I write and edit essays, resumes and cover letters in English. You can expect impeccable writing, editing or proofreading tailored in the way to sound idiomatic and comprehensive, yet authentic, accurate, punctual and rich. I will deliver it to you in a respected deadline. I know how to write, my vocabulary is rich both in Serbian and English. I teach medical students various medical subjects ( Internal Medicicne&Propaedeutics with ECG, Neurology, ORL, Pharmacology ) and Chemistry and work as an ESL Teacher/Tutor/Translator online and onsite ( one-on-one and group classes ).  I designed and wrote my Script of Pharmacology, used within a 5-week long course which I specially designed for the students of Medical Faculty, easy to use and suitable for repeating.  There are individual 90-minute classes with book and script. Got very positive feedback from students regarding script and course. They were learning and repeating with comprehension and practical examples and passed the exam very easily and successfully. Since 2010, I have worked as a Tutor and during the last five years, I am registered as a Teacher/Tutor for Belgrade's website, where you can see my profile and where I work up till now.It is the largest private teacher's platform based in Serbia!  Part of my duties at this position is to prepare study material for classes and consequently teaching various subjects, in Serbian or English language. Like to use my skills to create stimulating materials to inspire a class. Often, I use my scripts specially designed for students of Medicine. Also, I provide feedback via email to the website staff about my first appointed contact with a student, the first impression of each student individually, frequency of classes that will be done, etc. The courses are sometimes within small classes of 5-6 children in different business areas or schools. I also teach adult students of various levels from new beginner to advanced beginner. Teaching methods endeavored to use the mind’s natural learning process with emphasis on speaking. Teaching of cultures, neutralizing accents, and manners. Since August 2018 I have focused on teaching/tutoring Libyan preschool, school children and adults. Classes vary from one-to-one to group settings ( 5-8 children), at the Libyan kindergarten or other schools, using different lesson materials such as printables, video and audio material, props, TPR and etc. Like to use my skills to create stimulating materials to inspire a class. Teaching focusing on acquiring idiomatic, impeccable English with neutral accent and utilization of different methods and techniques tailored to individual students' needs. I provide best-practice, face-to-face foreign language training, and learning. Teaching focusing on acquiring idiomatic, impeccable English with neutral accent and utilization of different methods and techniques tailored to individual students' needs. I am a native Serbian speaker. But due to all those several years of working experience and personal studying and searching in English and other languages, communication, and access to different ages and profiles of students, I became fluent in written and spoken English. I gained flawless, impeccable, idiomatic English with a neutral English accent, using expressions that are natural to a native speaker. I also use the basics of French language and to a lesser extent, I use elementary level of Arabic. Have excellent knowledge and insight in the Latin language gained through High school and university schooling within studying General Medicine.  Looking forward to meeting you at my class! Book a class with me or request written work!

My Expertise

Top subjects

Organic Chemistry

Elementary and High School Chemistry. I can help you to acquire theoretical knowledge with practical examples and to learn and repeat with comprehension. High School Organic Chemistry is my favorite field of teaching concerning Chemistry for High School students. I can easily apply my medical knowledge tailored to High school students' needs.


Anatomy of the human body. The field of Internal medicine and it's related to the different diseases of the body systems.


I can write essays on a variety of topics, and writing is my favorite field. During my schooling, I was awarded a few times for writing essays. Book writing of essays with me!


I can edit your written works.

Article Critique

I can help you to revamp your CV.


I can write or edit your Cover Letter.

CV Editing

I can help you to improve your vocabulary.

Conversational English (also Small Talk)

I have approximately 8-year long experience in teaching English. I teach all levels, all ages, all profiles. I can teach you Colloquial English, Interview Preparations, Speaking Practice, Grammar Development, Medical English, Business English.


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