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I interested in careers counselling, so can guide students to choose their best career options based on their potential.

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Anatomy, Animalia, Basics of Cell Biology, Basics of Ecology , Basics of Genetics , Basics of Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology , Ecology, Evolution, Genetics , Human Physiology , Immunology, Life Sciences, Living World

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Experienced teacher with concept clearing capability. Deep knowledge in subject. it is commitment to the growth and my students' well being that makes me an outstanding educator who inspires his students. My ability to communicate with students and talent at teaching simple concepts as well as more advanced topics, are both really amazing. I always teach biology and explain with common examples so that students can visualize what theory that they are studying. Making concept clear is my priority which is very important for a successful career. While teaching it is also important that students enjoys teaching and start loving their subjects.

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  • Anatomy
  • Animalia
  • Basics of Cell Biology

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Basics of Ecology

ECOLOGICAL SUCCESSION Ecological succession is the gradual and sequential replacement of one community by the other in area over a period of time. Thus, ecological succession is a series of progressive changes in the species that make up a community over time. Ecologists usually identify two types of succession, which differ in their starting points: i) Primary Succession: It includes changes which occur when living things become established on a previously uninhabited area such as a newly exposed sea floor, lake sediments or sand dunes. If the area has not been occupied previously, the process of initial invasion and then the progression from one biotic community, to the next is termed “Pri-mary Succession”. An example is the gradual invasion of a bare rock surface by what eventually becomes a climax forest ecosystem. Thus it is characterised as initial stage of development of an ecosystem which begins with the creation of a community on such a location which was previously unoccupied by living organism. E.g., Formation of certain type of forests of dried lava. ii) Secondary Succession: It occurs where early communities have been damaged, leaving a few organisms and considerable organic matter. These remnant species, along with some new ones, regenerate a new community. When an area has been cleared by fire or by humans and then left alone, the surrounding ecosystem may gradually reinvade the area — not at once, but through a series of distinct stages termed secondary succession. Thus it is characterised as a stage of re-establishment of an ecosystem which existed earlier but was destroyed due to some natural calamities like fire, flood, etc. Such re-establishment occurs due to the presence of seeds and organic matte’ of biological community in soil. E.g., Vegetation grows once again which was destroyed due to flood. The major dif¬ference between primary and secondary succession is that secondary succession starts with the pre-existing soil substrate. Therefore, the early, prolonged stages of soil building are bypassed.


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