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Gene Euclid Dela Cruz

Gene E.


College/University @ University of the Philippines Diliman Graduate @ University of the Philippines Diliman

About me

I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering batch 2016 in University of the Philippines Diliman. Currently, I am enrolled at the same school taking up Master of Science in Civil Engineering major in Water Resources and Coastal Engineering. I am also a registered Civil Engineer in the Philippines. Recently, I worked for SMCC Philippines Inc. as a Site Engineer dealing with the construction of a maritime academy. My hobbies includes playing sports (like badminton, basketball, table tennis), surfing the net (facebook, youtube), and watching tv series/ anime (Friends, One Piece, my favorite!). For the past years I have been interested in sports and engineering which readlily excite me. I really like how buildings are created from scratch. Currently, I started hitting the gym to improve my overall health and physique.

I can Teach:

Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Geometry, Precalculus, Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Statistics, Pre Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Basic Operations, Fractions, Measurement

Teaching Experience

Tutoring has become a part of my life since college. First of my experience is from private one-on-one tutors. In private tutoring, I taught them how to pass high school and college entrance exams, and passing a subject dealing with math problems. I taught grade school students to increase their mastery on multiplications. I tutored a student who was preparing for a science high school entrance exam which dealt with all lessons from grades 1 to 6. I also taught a high school student who was to take the University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) which dealt with algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, physics, etc. Also, I helped a science high school student pass his calculus course by teaching him the basics to advance and luckily he passed the course. Second of my experience is through a tutorial center where students come in need for their assignments and also for preparation for college entrance exams. My style of teaching for theses kind of students is to teach them the very basic and help them master it, until they can go to advance lessons. Usually, I teach them how to do it first, then guide them through the next until they can do it on their own. I taught also subjects like physics along with those i mentioned earlier during my private tutors. Third of my experience includes being an instructor at an international training center for math and reading. In here, the style is to give students several drills until they master the topic needed to be mastered. After which, they'll advance to a harder topic and so on. If students were having a hard time, I tutor them in a phase they are comfortable with. Usually, my style of teaching is I start from the very basic and help them master it. I usually try to move the lessons gradually so that they can follow. Also, I test my student my giving many examples and try to explain to them in detail how to arrive with the right answer. Most of the time, I face them with a friendly approach but I can also become strict if needed. For the past years, I have been fulfilled by the results because many students and parents come back to thank me.

My Expertise

Top subjects


I want to teach students about the importance of the Pythagorean theorem because it is the basis for all other functions in trigonometry. I want to teach them techniques to find the values of cosines and sines without the use of calculator and such.


Mastering algebra is the key to master different areas of mathematics. Being able to express the problems in variables and in mathematical equations will be the foundation of algebra and all other math areas.


I would like to teach students the importance of geometry not only in schools but also in daily life. I'll teach them about areas and volumes of basic shapes and techniques how to easily deal with a problem.


Mastering Different graphs and functions and its operations is really helpful in dealing with the next step which is calculus.


Basic Operations which includes the Series of operations using rule of PEMDAS. To be bale to master the PEMDAS rule is the key to mastering the concepts introduced in algebra. I would like to teach the students the importance on the order of operations that should be executed.

Basic Geometry

I will teach them the most important lesson in math which is the order of operations. Being able to master PEMDAS is the fundamental of all math subjects.


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