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Gonzalo D.


Master Degree @ Georgetown University

About me

I love to study and read. I also enjoy riding my bike around or practicing any sport which envolves a lot movement. I'm really into productivity and how to get more things done.

I can Teach:

Absolute Advantage, AD-AS Model, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Aggregate Expenditure Model, Anti-Trust Laws, Balance of Payment, Comparative Advantage, Consumer Surplus, Cross Price Elasticity, Demand and Supply, Economic Integration, Equilibrium of Demand and Supply, Exchange Rate, Externalities, Fiscal Policy

Teaching Experience

I have been tutoring online for almost 5 years, this is something I just love to do. I like to help people learn, no matter how hard or extrange the subject might seem to the the student. Actually the harder it gets the more I do ensure the learning. I studied economics (which envolves a lot of statistics and mathematics) for 8 years, I got a Bachelor degree and a Master Degree, now I'm going for my PhD(so I know what is like to be learning).

My Expertise

  • Absolute Advantage
  • AD-AS Model
  • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Top subjects

Probability and Statistics

This is my best I believe, I have been tutoring stats for a long time. I've come across the very weird questions, I'm sure that I can help you with whatever in Probability and Statistics.

Demand and Supply

If you need help with economics, stop scrolling, I'm sure I can help you out, 8 years studying it plus almost 5 teaching it. It would be hard if you have a question that I can't answer.


Spanish is my mother tongue, and I love learning languages, if you need help, don't waste your time, I'm sure I can do it.


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Great Job!!!!

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Terry N.

18 Mar, 2021

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