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Jacque Maingi

Jacque M.


Bachelor's Degree @ University of Nairobi

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Hi! My name is Jacque and I teach English. I help students comprehend a piece of writing, analyze a situation and express themselves beautifully through words. My interest and good grades in English during my school motivated me to study this subject further. Eventually, I decided to pursue a profession where I could use my skills effectively. Over the last 5 years, I have written for clients in various formats and in different genres. At the same time, I have also been teaching students to get a grasp over their written English. My objective as an English tutor is to hone the writing skills of my students and help them to develop their confidence.

I can Teach:

Admission Essay, Admission Papers Editing, Annotated Bibilography, Application Paper, Article Critique, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Business English, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Coursework, Cover Letter, CV Editing, CV Writing, Dissertation, Dissertation Chapter, Editing

Teaching Experience

According to me, stress is a big factor that can hamper the creativity & impact the selection of words used for crafting the message.. So, I ensure that my students feel free and relaxed during my classes. Also it is important to understand where my student is with their subject knowledge and depending upon the expertise level, I train them to write for a variety of formats. Coming to the content, I show them the different points that are essential to the article. It is equally important to present them in the correct sequence and use the apt words and phrases. Thus, I discuss with them about the framework and the tone of the written piece. Overall, my intent is to add value to their time and assist them in writing something original and impressive.

My Expertise

  • Admission Essay
  • Admission Papers Editing
  • Annotated Bibilography

Top subjects


I not only enjoy studying Biology but also researching and tutoring students on the same. The subject is defined as the study of life and it comprises of other branches such as botany, zoology and microbiology, all of which i am well trained and experienced in.


This is also a subject that i enjoy learning, researching and teaching on. This field integrates both the physical, biological and information sciences. The subject focuses on how the various biomes of the earth are affected by the natural and man-made processes once they interact with one another. I have previously tutored this subject on EssayShark and EssayPro sites.


I have over ten years knowledge and experience in writing of essays. I am keen on adhering to the stipulated formatting guidelines, the flow of the essay, great introductions, body and conclusion, proof reading among many other major requirements that emerge in essay writing. I have written essays as a student and as a tutor and i am confident that my experience while working with other sites such as Uvocorp,Essayshark and Academic writers, places me at a better advantage to handle different kind of essays.

Admission Papers Editing

I am well versed in tutoring of these subjects based on the knowledge that i have acquired throughout my studies and tutoring experience. Expressions, Tones and Gestures fall into the communication category of Non-Verbal communication and Body language. I would greatly enjoy to tutor students this topic and more that are related to the same.

Preposition usage with Time, Location & Movement

I acquire vast knowledge regarding this topic. This is through my studies at the University level as well as practice while tutoring students in the topic for over four years now. I understand topics such as own and cross-price elasticity of demand and income elasticity of demand. In supply, i also understand and can train on concepts such as total and marginal revenue as well as total, variable and marginal cost of labor. I find it easy to relate the concepts as described in questions hence making it easy for me to easily assist and guide students in their academic work.

Price Elasticity

Consumer surplus is an economic concept which is used to define the difference of the price between what consumers are willing to pay and what they really pay for a commodity. I am well versed in the subject and i will enjoy taking my students through the same.

Income Elasticity

This is also an economical term which defines the difference between the amount which a consumer is willing to supply goods for and the actual amount that the producer receives when they sell their goods.

Labour Markets and Wage Determination

This is a term which is used to describe the monetary measure of all final goods and products. I have previously tutored the subject and other related topics and it would be my pleasure to continue training , researching and tutoring on the same

Business Level Strategy/Generic Strategies

I also enjoy researching, writing and teaching topics related to project management, which is a subject that focuses on how tools, knowledge , skills and techniques are applied to meet project requirements. I have previously taught this subject and will greatly enjoy to continue assisting students with the same.

Information System

Having stud

E-Business, E-Commerce

Having pursued a degree with communication as one of the subjects that i majored in, i clearly understand this concept and my previous experience in tutoring on the subject, makes it easy for me to continue teaching and helping students with this topic of Business Communication, which is defined as the process of sharing information between people, within and outside a company.


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17 Sep, 2021

  • 5 star

perfect work perfect tutor

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16 Sep, 2021

  • 5 star

Great job Jacque M.

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Terry N.

23 May, 2021

  • 5 star

great work

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05 May, 2021

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Sharrisse B.

04 May, 2021

  • 5 star

She did a fantastic work , I will choose her again . Thank you for you're help !

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Laura M.

28 Apr, 2021

  • 5 star

My experience was excellent

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Sharrisse B.

20 Apr, 2021

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