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James Choda

James C.


Bachelor`s Degree @ Kenyatta University

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Hi! I’m James and I help students learn Accounts.


It is commonly said that what gets measured, gets managed. This cannot be more true for money and business needs. Therefore, accounts play a major role in any business or household for that matter.


I love to teach students how to make entries for various types of transactions and reconcile them to finalize the accounts.

I can Teach:

ABC Costing, Absorption Costing, Accounting Cycle, Accounting Equation, Accounting for Government, Accounting for Pensions, Accounting Information System, Accounting Standard Codifications, Accounting: Concepts and Principles, Accrual & Cash Basis, Adjusting Entries, Amortization, Assets and Liabilities, Audit Evidence, Audit Test

Teaching Experience

I want my students to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals. That is why I make sure that they know the rules for making accounting entries. This equips them to handle higher accounting and more complex aspects like auditing, taxation, etc.


An accountant is required to have a keen eye for finding errors and rectifying them. This helps them to get their Trial Balance and the Balance Sheet to reflect the correct position of the business. For this, I introduce them to the common errors like misposting, errors of transposition, etc.


My students can experience a lot of practice solving numerical problems with me. My intent is to let them take the lead and assist them when they get stuck. Also, I make sure I show them how to present their answers well and show the necessary steps in order to score optimum scores in exams.

My Expertise

  • ABC Costing
  • Absorption Costing
  • Accounting Cycle

Top subjects

Business English

Business English is the type English that is used in the business environment or in a business organization for example the International trade

Demand and Supply

Demand is the quantity of the goods and services that are needed by the consumers in the market while Supply is the quantity of goods and services supplied or provided to the market by the suppliers .


It refers to the situation where the individuals who are employable and are searching for jobs in the economy are not able to get jobs in the economy.


Inflation refers to the increase or the rise in the prices level of goods and services in the economy over a given period of time

Economic Integration

It is process through which different countries come together to carry out trade among themselves so as to realize economy growth among the members states.

Organization Behavior

It is the study of how employees of an organization carry out themselves and how they interact with each other in the organizational set up

Human Resource Planning

It is the process of planning the needs of the organization in terms of human capital and how to achieve the needs of the organization in terms of the human capital

Compensation and Benefit

It is a way of rewarding the workers and employees for the services they have rendered to the organization i.e. remuneration

Training and Development

It is the process teaching and improving the skills that the employees have through training i.e. work seminars and career development programs

Organization Culture

It is how employess carry out themselves and tasks in an organization ,it is the way of doing things in an organization i.e the belief and values in an organization


Motivation is the process of making workers to enjoy whatever task they are taking i.e. making the workers to enjoy their work in the organization

Managing Organization Change

It is the process of implementing changes in an organization and ensuring that there is no resistance against the implementation of news ways of doing things in the organization .

Consumer Behaviour

It is the process of analyzing how the consumers in the market behaviors towards the changes that occurs in the market for example how consumers behave towards change in the price of a given good in the market.

External Evironment Scanning

It is the process of analyzing the external environment of the business which includes the competitors of the business, the government ,changes in technologies et.c and putting appropriate strategies in place to remain competitive in the environment so as to achieve the goals of the organization.

Internal Environment Analysis

It is the process of analyzing what is happening inside the organization e.g what is happening with employees and putting in place the necessary strategies to ensure that the organization achieves its goals.

E-Business, E-Commerce

E-Business and E-commerce refers to the businesses that takes place on the digital platforms through the websites of the companies and how people buy goods and services online using different devices like phones.

International Business

It international business deals with the study of the operation of the multinational corporations or companies around the world including the international human resource, the international business environment etc.

Business Ethics

It involves how the business is suppose to behave in the environment in which it operates .It includes the professional ethics and also looks at what might arise in the business environment as a result of unethical behaviors.

Accounting Equation

The accounting equation states that the assets of the company should be equal to its liabilities and equities.


It is the process of recording the business transactions in the books of accounts of the company for financial records .

Assets and Liabilities

Assets are the equipment or the items owned by the company while liabilities are the items the company owes its creditors and will have to payback.

Trial Balance

It is an accounting tools used to check for the errors committed by the accountant during the recording of accounting transactions in the books of accounts of the company.

Income Statement

Income statement is also called profit and loss account of the company.It is a financial statement used to show or report the revenues and the expenses of the company during an accounting period.

Balance Sheet

Balance sheet is a financial statement that is meant to show the financial position of the company as at a given time in the accounting period. It shows the assets of the company ,its liabilities and the sources of funds used to finance the operations of the business.

Adjusting Entries

They are journal entries that done at the end of accounting period so as to allocate the revenue and and expenditures or expenses to the period they occurred or taken place.

Accounting Cycle

It is the process through which the accounting information or data of a company is identified ,analyzed and recorded in the books of accounts.

Petty Cash

It is the amount of money kept in the company i.e. kept in store in the company for small expenditures in the company .The petty cash is meant for settling small bills

Depreciation and Depletion

It is the process through which an assets looses value of its economic life .This normally occurs when an asset is being used in the company for example a plant being used in the production process


Is the process of paying back the debt i.e. loan over a period of time .It is spreading the payment of the loan over long period of time

Cash Flow Statements

It is a financial statement showing how cash moves in and out of an organization

Financial Analysis

It is the process of testing the profitability ,liquidity and the viability of the company or a business entity through calculation of different ratios for example debt-equity ratio ,profit margin etc

Valuation of Fixed Assets

Valuation of Fixed Assets is the process of arriving at the market value of the fixed assets of the company by the use of their book values.


It is process of ensuring that the asset of the company is not carried in a value more than its recoverable values in the books of accounts of the firm.

Revenue Recognition

A revenue is only recognized when a business transaction has taken place and income has been earned by the business.

Accounting for Pensions

It prescribes the accounting and disclosure for employee benefits requiring an entity to recognize a liability where an employee has provided service and an expense when the entity consumes the economic benefit of employees service.


It involves commitment of current funds in long term assets in order to generate benefits over a series of years in future. It entails planning on capital expenditure in order to achieve the long term goals of a firm.


Partnership is the process through which two or more people come together and contribute capital to start a business. The Partnership can be limited or unlimited .In limited partnership the partners can not be called upon to settle the liabilities of the partnership while in unlimited partnership the partners can be called upon to settle the liabilities of the company.

Internal Control

They are the procedures implemented by company to ensure that there is integrity and accountability in the organization so as to prevent frauds from happening in the business.

Audit Evidence

They are the evidence collected by the auditor during the audit to help him or her to arrive at the appropriate opinion while writing the audit report.

Audit Test

These are the tests carried out by the auditor during the audit e.g. accuracy test which is meant to test the accuracy of the figures reported in the financial statements of the company.

Management Fraud

It refers to the frauds committed by the management of the company to show that the company is doing well while in real sense the company is at the verge of collapsing

Forensic Accounting

It is a branch of accounting which deals with the collection of accounting data to help in providing evidence in the prosecution process in the court of laws during trials in which financials frauds have been committed.

Auditors Report

It is the report given by an auditor after auditing the books of accounts of a company to rendered his or her opinion whether the financial statements of the company shows a true and fair view of the financial status of the company


Taxation is the process through which the tax authority levies taxes on individuals and businesses in the economy .The process of taxation should be fair and should observe the principles of taxation for example certainty.The income of the businesses should be adjusted to arrive at the appropriate taxable income on which the tax liability is calculated.


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