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Jayanthi M L

Jayanthi M.


M.Sc @ University of Kerala Bachelor of Education @ University of Kerala

About me

Hi everyone! I’m Jayanthi and there are two things I excel at: Statistics and helping my students. Moreover, with 10+ years of teaching experience, I can assist my students to understand various concepts of Stats better. My aim is to make Statistics easy and take my student into the realm of Mean, Median and Mode to comprehend this subject well. Besides, Statistics is fun and I’m here to tutor you after school, during school breaks, summers vacation and weekends too. So let’s have fun deciphering Stats together!

I can Teach:

Theory of Probability, Simple Random Sampling, Stratified Random Sampling, Systematic Sampling, Cluster Sampling, Double Sampling, Charts and Diagrams, Variance, Standard Deviation, Skewness

Teaching Experience

I enjoy working with my students and seeing their expressions when difficult concepts finally ‘click’. My goal for every student is to help them decode tough topics and make sure they understand how the concept works. Besides, I teach different ways to solve a problem. This allows my students to have a firm command over topics. Moreover, my teaching style depends on my students as I solely focus on making my students understand and be comfortable with the course.

My Expertise

  • Theory of Probability
  • Simple Random Sampling
  • Stratified Random Sampling

Top subjects

Theory of Probability

Probability can be defined as a long term frequency of happening of a random event ( the number of times of happening of the event out of the whole ) or to put in simple terms we are giving a numerical value for the chance of happening of the event. (eg: any thing random from (getting a head in a toss of a coin),(whether you pass an exam) to (whether it is going to rain tomorrow) can be given a value, called its probability.


Standard Deviation

Standard Deviation is a measure to find the average deviation of values from its mean. To find the standard deviation we find the deviations of values from its mean, square them ( this is to avoid the cancelations of negative and positive deviations ), find the average and then take the square S.D= √∑(xi-x ̅ )/n


  • 5 star

Jayanthi M. does great work first time around

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Terry N.

12 Feb, 2021

  • 5 star

Great statistics tutor! She really knows her stuff!

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Elizabeth R.

11 Jan, 2021

  • 5 star

Most Learnerd Professor in the field of Math and statistics. Kind and Humble.

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Khan K.

08 Dec, 2020

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