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Jeandri Steenkamp

Jeandri S.


Bachelor's Science degree @ North West University

About me

I love doing sports and going to the gym. I love being outdoors and love going camping and hiking with friends and family. I particularly love playing basketball and doing athletics. In my free time I go to the gym and going for a jog.

I can Teach:

Acid-Bases, Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, Redox-Reactions, States of Matter, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Electricity, Optics, Wave Mechanics, Cell Biology , Evolution

Teaching Experience

Hello everyone, My name is Teacher Cece. I have completed my bachelor's degree in Science with a 28 distinctions. I have also completed my TEFL/TESOL certificate. I have 6 years teaching experience. I have taught ages 2 up to adults. I have taught at schools as well as University level, I have taught Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English. I also have 3 years online teaching experience. I love teaching and can't wait to start this journey with you.

My Expertise

  • Acid-Bases
  • Chemical Substances
  • Electrochemistry

Top subjects

Science Basics

I can teach any Science basics. Scientific disciplines include mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology.


I can teach Biology on beginner and intermediate level. Biology encompasses diverse fields, including botany, conservation, ecology, evolution, genetics, marine biology, medicine, microbiology, molecular biology, physiology, and zoology

Body Systems

I can teach the 11 organ systems include the integumentary system, skeletal system, muscular system, lymphatic system, respiratory system, digestive system, nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, urinary system, and reproductive systems.

Animal Facts

I can teach animal facts and characteristics. Including all different taxonomy groups.

Plant & Fungi Facts

We can learn plants and Fungi facts. Plants are producers, using the energy of the sun to make seeds, cones, and spores to reproduce, while fungi are decomposers that break down decaying matter.

Environmental Science

I can help students with Environmental sciences. Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological and information sciences (including ecology, biology, physics, chemistry, plant science, zoology, mineralogy, oceanography, limnology, soil science, geology and physical geography, and atmospheric science

Earth and Space

I can teach Earth and Space subjects. Earth and space science explores the interconnections between the land, ocean, atmosphere, and life of our planet. These include the cycles of water, carbon, rock, and other materials that continuously shape, influence, and sustain Earth and its inhabitants.

Wave Mechanics

Wave mechanics is known as a mathematical technique that describes the relationship between the motion of a particle that exhibits wavelike properties


Matter is a very important part of Physics. physical substance in general, as distinct from mind and spirit; (in physics) that which occupies space and possesses rest mass, especially as distinct from energy. "the structure and properties of matter"

Chemical Substances

I can teach chemical substance equations. In chemistry, a chemical substance is a form of matter that has constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. ... Two or more elements combined into one substance through a chemical reaction, such as water, form a chemical compound. All compounds are substances, but not all substances are compounds.

Periodic Table

The periodic table is a basic part of Science that can help us with all the future equations. The periodic table, also known as the periodic table of chemical elements, is a tabular display of the chemical elements. It is widely used in chemistry, physics, and other sciences, and is generally seen as an icon of chemistry

States of Matter

I can help students to understand the different states of matter and how they are formed and how they change from one to the other.

Cell Biology

Cell biology is a very important part of science. It shows us the fundamentals of a cell. Cell biology is the study of cell structure and function, and it revolves around the concept that the cell is the fundamental unit of life. Focusing on the cell permits a detailed understanding of the tissues and organisms that cells compose.

Plant Physiology

I can help students understand the dynamics of a plant and how the plant functions. Plant physiology is the study of plant function and behaviour, encompassing all the dynamic processes of growth, metabolism, reproduction and defence.


Genetics is the study of heredity in general and of genes in particular. Genetics forms one of the central pillars of biology and overlaps with many other areas, such as agriculture, medicine, and biotechnology.


I have helped a lot of students with their essay-writing skills. The perfect format and best vocabulary and sentence patterns to use.


I have a lot of experience helping students with their speeches and presentations. I was part of the debate team at my university


Vocabulary is the most important part of learning English and is a very important aspect of becoming a better English speaker.

Business English

I have a lot of experience with business English. I have taught Business English for 3 years and have a lot of my own experience with using it in the workplace


I have 6 years experience teaching English to adults and kids. I have taught all ages and all subjects.


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