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Justin Sapienza

Justin S.


Masters @ Florida State University Bachelor of Arts @ University of Central Florida

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Hi! I am Justin and I help students learn Accounting.


I often come across students who feel accounting is just not meant for them. Mostly, they have not really enjoyed learning accounting concepts and solving numerical problems. My endeavor here is to turn that around by showing them how interesting this subject can be.


My corporate work experience as an accountant adds to my strength in demonstrating practical examples and situations. I have been teaching for the past 7 years, and wish to continue doing so for years to come.

I can Teach:


Teaching Experience


For me, teaching is more than just providing students with answers. I believe in guiding them about the concepts and rules and nudging them to arrive at answers by themselves. When they finally discover the solution, they are filled with a sense of accomplishment.


Besides, I love it when students ask me questions. This shows that they are participating. So, I try to answer the question clearly and share relevant examples so that they remember.


Connect with me to hone your accounting skills or enjoy learning a new concept.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Algebra Basics

Math has always been my best subject. I like to work step-by-step on the problems so that the students can break the problem down into easier to understand bits instead of a large, confusing problem.

Accounting Equation

I have taken college courses in accounting and currently work as an accounting assistant. I understand the fundamentals of accounting and how the accounting equation works. I can help the student understand balancing the accounting equation on both sides of the ledger and what accounts affect what side of the equation.


I can help the student by understanding how to write journal entries, what accounts are debits and credits, and what accounts are to be affected.

Adjusting Entries

These are done at the end of the accounting period. I can help the student understand what the purpose of adjusting entries are, why they are done at the end of the period and not during the period, and what entries need to be recorded.


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PERFECT! He could not have been better, a real life saver! (from student's MOM.)

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Kelly J.

03 Dec, 2018

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