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Kanika Rana

Kanika R.


Masters (English) B.SC (hons. Zoology) @ himachal pradesh University

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Besides studies, I believe what is important is being a skillful person. I encourage my students to participate in all the curricular activities, explore different fields, and not to forget our hobbies :) Along with teaching, I am a volunteer of an animal welfare group, I rescue street dogs. Being compassionate is one of the best things I enjoy, it makes you feel as if your dopamine is at Acme when you save an innocent life. I help students to rid of anxiety, depression, and stress. Calligraphy, sketching and content writing are my hobbies. Spreading positiveness, motivation is my passion. Thank You! for knowing me :)

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I have been teaching from past 5 years. My teaching methodology includes understanding the concepts with practical life rather them mugging up the concepts. My students are fond of my teaching as I believe in blending the concept. You will love my biology class :) and I would love to transform you into a passionate biologist.

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Science Basics

SCIENCE is all about how you can observe, think, analyze calculate. There is a logic behind every sentence which makes it beautiful. There is science in everything surrounds you Your life cycle, how you wake up. how you breathe how your each and every activity is controlled biology will help to seek out. all living organism will be covered in it. the moment you open your eyes you see things, how light is reflected, how a geyser works, physics will help to know it. The chemicals you used to clean your teeth, the soap and its action chemistry is here. Science is all about to know why and how.


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