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Karunakar Ravada

Karunakar R.


M.Sc. @ Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad

About me

I am one of those people who enjoys conversations and debates. I was very active through out my school life and I love to play cricket and Badminton.

I can Teach:

Basics of Matter, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics , Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science Basics

Teaching Experience

I have been working as a Subject Matter Expert in Chemistry for the past 3 years. This work experience had acquainted me with the necessary skills to help students to achieve higher grades along with conceptual clarity in the chemistry topics. I will make the learning filled with fun and the students to experience the joy of learning.

My Expertise

  • Basics of Matter
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Substances

Top subjects


The matter is one of the basic and interesting topics of chemistry. This topic is so much intertwined with chemistry that almost every other topic has some association with this. come, be a part of this to get a wonderful learning experience.

Periodic Table

Let us learn the most important part of chemistry with fun. I am sure you will enjoy learning the periodic table without trying hard.


I really like electrochemistry as it is highly useful in battery technologies. I am very sure that you too will enjoy learning electrochemistry with me


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