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Krishan K.


MBA @ Amity University BBA @ Amity University Higher senior secondary @ Kendriya Vidyalaya 10th standard @ Kendriya Vidyalaya

About me

I am management graduate and have got gold medal for both under graduate and post graduate programs. I have worked for US and UK companies and clients. I have a global exposure. I like playing carom and have secured a gold in this too in inter college carom competition. I love quiz shows. I have represented my college in various inter college quiz competition and won second prize and secured silver medal. I like travelling.

I can Teach:

ABC Costing, Absorption Costing, Accounting Cycle, Accounting Equation, Accounting for Government, Accounting for Pensions, Accounting Information System, Accounting Standard Codifications, Accounting: Concepts and Principles, Accrual & Cash Basis, Adjusting Entries, Amortization, Assets and Liabilities, Audit Evidence, Audit Test

Teaching Experience

I use to take classes for US, UK, Canada and Indian students. I follow a structured approach. First of all basics are cleared followed by certain examples. I then take numerical problems if possible and finally real life examples. I help the student in depth. I help the students in solving practice papers and past year question papers.

My Expertise

  • ABC Costing
  • Absorption Costing
  • Accounting Cycle

Top subjects

Algebra Basics

I help the students in calculating the various operations such as addition , subtraction, etc.


I help the students in solving complex equations.

Basic Statistics

I love to teach central tendencies.

Basic Operations

I help the students in forming the concepts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.


I love to teach decimal numbers in p/q form


Measuring any measurable objects are good to go.


I can work for n numbers after decimal.

Environmental Science

I love to teach environmental science


I love to prepare speeches


I help in resume writing

Resume Writing

I help in forming professional like CV

CV Writing

I help in CV editing

Personal Statement

I help in essay writing

Admission Papers Editing

I help in small talks

Theory of Probability

I make random sampling easy

Simple Random Sampling

I help in stratified sampling grouping

Game Theory

I can teach inventory management techniques

Index Numbers

I can help in forming a general understanding about demand and supply

Equilibrium of Demand and Supply

Calculation of price elasticity

Price Elasticity

Calculation of income elasticity

Income Elasticity

Calculation of cross price elasticity

Gross Domestic Product

What is unemployment Reason / Causes Effects How it can be improved


Inflation basic understanding Types of inflation Effects of inflation The role of Government

Aggregate Expenditure Model

Basics of aggregate demand and supply Differentiation between and aggregate and individual

AD-AS Model

Monetary policy basics Types of monetary policies Reason behind this policy The role of central banks

Monetary Policy

Fiscal policy basics Why it is important for the Government Examples of some developed and developing nations

Fiscal Policy

Interest rate basics Effects of interest rate Mechanisms of regulating interest rates

Interest Rates

What is trade National and International trade Several theories

Trade Theories

Basics Examples

Comparative Advantage

Basics Examples

Absolute Advantage

Basics Theory in detail Criticism

Heckscher-Ohlin Theory

Basics Types of FDI Importance for a country

Foreign Direct Investment

Basics Reasons behind

Tariffs and Subsidies

Basics Essential for the Government

Trade Policy

Basics Theories

Value Engineering

Basics Importance Techniques

Inventory Management and Control

Basics Theories Practical examples

Organization Behavior

Basics HRP Recruitment and Selection Development All rest of the topics

Human Resource Planning

Basics Theories

Compensation and Benefit

Basics Reason Importance

Organization Culture

Basics Different theories

Strategic Human Resource Management

Basics Theories Examples


Basics Theories Application


Basics Importance Trade unions Application

Employee and Labor Relations

Basics 360 degree performance appraisal Importance

Performance Appraisal

Basics Importance Techniques Benefits

Managing Organization Change

Basics Importance Benefits

Marketing Strategy and Plan

Basics Internal versus external Benefits

Market Research

Basics Understanding the consumer behaviour Customer versus consumer

Consumer Behaviour

Basics Types benefits for new entrants

Managing Services, Service Marketing

Basics Benefits Mediums Examples

Marketing Communication

Basics Features of material mix Stages

Marketing Mix

Basics Elements Industry application Examples

Five Force Model

Basics OT analysis Benefits Examples

External Evironment Scanning

Basics SW analysis Benefits Examples

Internal Environment Analysis

Basics Comparison of strength and weakness with respect to competitor

Competitors Analysis

Basics Types of levels Specific decision take at this level

Business Level Strategy/Generic Strategies

Basics Types of levels Specific decision take at this level

Anti-Trust Laws

Basics Needs of business laws Types of business laws


Basics Benefits Sources

Information System

Basics Difference World trends

Accounting Equation

Basics Examples NUmericals

Accounting: Concepts and Principles

Basics Golden rules Examples


Basics Rules for identfying Examples

Assets and Liabilities

Basics Different types of ledgers Trial balance preparation Examples

Accrual & Cash Basis

Basics Types Measurement Examples

Valuing Liabilities

Basics Accounting standards Types Examples

Cash Flow Statements

Basics Types Benefits

Valuation of Intangible Assets- Goodwill, Patents, others

Basics Types of shares

Treasury Stock

Basics Different models

Cost Concepts

Basics Marginal costing CVP analysis Examples

Cost Volume Profit Analysis

Basics Marginal costing Break even point and sales analysis Examples

Professional and Regulatory Organization

Basics Importance Need Examples

Internal Control

Basics Types

Audit Test

Basics Types Benefits Limitations

Statement of Financial Concepts

Spoken Written Vocabulary


Spoken Written Vocabulary


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