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Kylee Rees

Kylee R.


Masters @ University of Melbourne Bachelor (Honours) @ University of Adelaide Graduate Diploma Education (Secondary) @ Monash University

About me

I live on a little farm, so this takes up most of my free time. I garden, bake, experiment with soaps as well as spending time with my animals.

I can Teach:

Anatomy, Animalia, Basics of Cell Biology, Basics of Ecology , Basics of Genetics , Basics of Human Physiology, Biotechnology, Cell Biology , Ecology, Evolution, Genetics , Human Physiology , Immunology, Life Sciences, Living World

Teaching Experience

I started tutoring when I started University. It was a good way to earn some money and help people at the same time. After I finished my first degree in Organic Chemistry, I realised that I liked to teach, and started my teaching degree whilst working in a laboratory and tutoring. Ended up working as a teacher for a few years, but I needed to return to my hometown due to my parents. I started tutoring online, and have been able to keep this going as my only job now. I love Chemistry and I love to see students enjoying it too.

My Expertise

  • Anatomy
  • Animalia
  • Basics of Cell Biology

Top subjects

States of Matter

Did you know that bismuth is the last stable element? After that, all elements are radioactive. Of course, their half lives are very different, but all with undergo nuclear reactions.


Did you know that human enzymes are so specific that they can tell the difference between enantiomers? And thus, their effect on the body is very different.


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