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Laxank Purohit

Laxank P.


M.Tech @ IIT-BHU

About me

I am involved in research field in subjects like Material Science, Nanotechnology, and Electrochemistry. I am also working on emerging technologies like Quantum Computation and Machine learning. Besides, I like soccer, cricket and reading books.

I can Teach:

Matter , Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics , Chemical Kinetics , Chemistry

Teaching Experience

I have 2+ years teaching experience in Chemistry , ranging from high school to college level teaching. It includes all Physical, Organic and InOrganic Chemistry. My main focus in on building a story around concepts of chemistry so that it becomes easy for learner to apply those at even higher level of problem solving. I am believer that chemistry is a topic which needs concept clarity and a different kind of imagination.

My Expertise

  • Matter
  • Chemical Substances
  • Periodic Table

Top subjects


Complete subject

Chemical Substances

Complete subject.

Periodic Table

Covering all periodic properties like Ionization energy, Electron affinity etc. Also detailed structure of long form of periodic table.

States of Matter

Solid state Chemistry Solutions and colligative property Gaseous state.

Nuclear Chemistry

Decay reaction, Fission and fusion reactions. Mathematical formulation.

Organic Chemistry

Right from basics to specialised reactions , their mechanism, and their characterisation.


For basic to detailed mathematical explanation of process and 3 laws of thermodynamics.

Chemical Kinetics

Complete chapter including narrow topics like Explosion.


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