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Mahmud Hassan

Mahmud H.


Post graduate @ Central University of Punjab

About me

A postgraduate in Geology, I have always been fascinated with space, earth, colorful minerals and our world as a whole! When I’m not busy examining a rock under a microscope, I love indulging myself in gardening or playing computer games. Well, I also love exploring technology and I am even a google certified Digital Marketer. However, Geology will always be my first love!

I can Teach:

Earth Sciences , Science Basics

Teaching Experience

I was always fascinated by the mysteries of our planet Earth and that is one of the reasons why I pursued my majors in Geology. Well, exploring this subject made me understand that rock is no longer just ‘rock’- it has years of evolution just like us! In second year, I was appointed as a teaching assistant and I got to know how mysterious and beautiful the subject is. That’s when I decided to take up teaching and strive in making students understand the subject. Later, I joined a company as an Assessment Developer for Earth  science and that gave me further chance and opportunity to formulate assessments and tutor students all over the world. Now I’m here, grabbing a wonderful opportunity to teach curious minds like you! Well, I know how boring traditional teaching can get, so I strive to make concepts and learning as interesting as possible!

My Expertise

  • Earth Sciences
  • Science Basics

Top subjects

Science Basics

1. Water Cycles and Weather 2. Hurricanes and Tornadoes 3. Uses of Natural Resources 4. Planets 5. Technology's Effects 6. Minerals and Rocks


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