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Manali s.


Masters in Neurophysiotherapy @ S.N.D.T university Bachelors of Physiotherapy @ Pravara Institute of Medical sciences

About me

I am a silver medalist neurophysiotherapist with distinction in many medical subjects. I have always been an A grader all my school and college life. I was a working professional and has taught medical and paramedical students before this. I like painting.

I can Teach:

Science Basics, Biology, Body Systems, Animal Facts, Plant & Fungi Facts, Basics of Matter, Cell Biology , Living World , World Of Living, Taxonomy, Plant Physiology, Human Physiology , Genetics , Evolution, Ecology

Teaching Experience

Knowledgeable and dedicated teacher with a solid medical background. Experienced in improving learning and performance in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Highly experienced tutor with adaptive teaching style suitable for different boards Currently teaching curriculum for the following boards and grades: ICSE, CBSE, SSC, NEET, GCSE,IGCSE (EDEXCEL, CIE), IB, AP, SAT, O Level, BMAT (bio medical entrance for Singapore) o Tutor students in Physics, Chemistry and Biology for ICSE, CBSE,SSC boards, NEET across various countries o Use a variety of teaching methods depending on individual learning styles o Demonstrate lessons using video streaming for explaining experiments and observation to ensure practical-based approach o Develop and execute lesson plans as per the needs of the students o Review worksheets and practice tests to prepare students for weekly test

My Expertise

  • Science Basics
  • Biology
  • Body Systems

Top subjects


Biology has been my most favourite subject since my school days. Explaining and teaching biology is an art that I have mastered well in last 5 years. Using different flowcharts and flash cards, I can make biology a piece of cake for all.

Body Systems

I am a physiotherapy, so as a medical professional I have seen and studied all body functions in great depth.I myself had a distinction in Anatomy.


Physics is a subject best learnt when compared with our daily life examples. I can make physics so easy for you that you will be able to relate physics with everything .


Chemistry is best learnt when we see reactions happening and learn the skill of observations.


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