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Manish Kumar

Manish K.


Bachelor of Technology @ Lovely Professional University

About me

Hi! I’m Manish and I am a physicist.

Studying mechanics gave me an in-depth understanding of this field of Physics. Since it required heavy usage of math topics, I practiced a lot of mathematical concepts and problems too. In order to share my learnings and give more passionate physicists to the world , I began teaching the subject.

Aside from teaching, my other career involvements have been in research and corporate internship. Besides, as a student, I won several state and national level quiz competitions. These experiences helped me improve my skills in analysis as well as communications, and hence my teaching skills.

I love working with a diverse set of students from different backgrounds, grade levels, and styles of learning. Helping them all excel in their studies gives me fulfillment.

I can Teach:

3d-Shapes, Absolute-Value, Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Algebra-1, Algebra-2, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry

Teaching Experience

I value a good and open exchange of ideas. So, I build a spirit of discussion in my classes to pave the way for organic learning. Simplifying concepts at each step, I move from basic to advanced topics.


In order to decode complex topics, I share examples from day-to-day life, and present visual representations of the problems.


Other than explanations, I believe in regular quizzes and surprise tests. After all, if a student is preparing for tests or exams, then it is required to get them comfortable with the feeling of taking exams.


In the end, it is when students score well in their exams, I feel elated. That is why I give my all in my classes to help each one of my students.

My Expertise

  • 3d-Shapes
  • Absolute-Value
  • Abstract/Modern Algebra

Top subjects


Applied Mechanics & Thermal Science


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