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Manish Sharma

Manish S.


M.Tech. @ National Insititute of Technology, Kurukshetra

About me

Hi! I’m Manish and I am a Physics tutor. I believe that learning has no end. My passion is Physics, and I continue to learn about new applications, discoveries and more that are happening around us with the help of physics. I have been teaching Physics for over 10 years, and have learnt a lot of things from my students too. My engineering experience helps me to bring real world perspective to my lessons. To deliver an engaging learning experience, I also invite my students to participate in discussions & questions the theories of physics.

I can Teach:

Algebra Based Physics, Calculus Based Physics, Classical Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Earth Sciences , Electricity, Electricity, Fluid Mechanics , Gravitation, Kinematics , Magnetism, Mechanics, Optics, Physical Sciences

Teaching Experience

I have taught many students and found out that each one has the potential to excel at studies. It is just the matter of bringing out the best in them. As a tutor, I work on identifying each student’s strength and weakness and help them accordingly. This includes varying my teaching style depending upon what helps them learn best- diagrams, charts, relatable examples, discussions etc. When it comes to solving numerical problems, I give them the directions and ask them to write the solutions step-by-step. My job is to correct them and guide them in the subject. You can connect with me about your queries related to the concepts and the toughest numericals you need to help in solving. Rest assured that I will do my best to give you clarity and make Physics easy for you.

My Expertise

  • Algebra Based Physics
  • Calculus Based Physics
  • Classical Physics

Top subjects


One of the good subject having real life and practical applications, be it for finding elevation of building/structure or determining the distance and size of celestial objects. I always indulge this practice of real life application for teaching the concepts.


Everywhere we are measuring the quantities, be it money, time, distance travelled or even using smartphones or smart devices. Thus, measurement is the most important topic one should be comfortable and proficient.


Whenever we move from one place to other, we always try to cover that distance in shortest possible time. Starting from walking mode, then with bull carts, bicycle, motor cycle, car, plane, spaceship, human beings have always tried to make the movement as faster and comfortable as possible. In Kinematics, I always try to make the concepts as lucid and easy as possible, so that a student just imagine that s/he is moving on the vehicle while solving the problems.

Strength of Materials

Everyone want to be strong, and with a variety of materials available, depending upon the type of requirement like flexibility or rigidity, an engineer will decide which material is to be used for making a particular component. This will be leant in this subject. I have taught this subject a number of times to B.Tech level students.


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