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Muthukkaruppan Helen Beulah

Muthukkaruppan H.


Post Graduation with a B.Ed degree @ Annamalai University

About me

I have been awarded with "Hall of fame" award by the World's Best Educationist 'Pearson'. I read Books related with my subject with more interest. I keep learning in order to help people who are more ambitious and who take more interest in developing their career.

I can Teach:

Matter , Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry , Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics , Chemical Kinetics , Basics of Matter, Earth Sciences , Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Science Basics, Chemistry

Teaching Experience

Hi !!! This is Helen. I am a Post Graduate in Chemistry with a B.Ed degree. I also have two Post Graduate Diplomas in my Hand. I have about 20 years experience, in teaching Global students like US,UK , Middle East etc., I have a sound knowledge in my subject and teach the concepts clearly, more effectively and efficiently such a way you understand it to 100%.

My Expertise

  • Matter
  • Chemical Substances
  • Periodic Table

Top subjects

Chemical Substances

Chemical Substances - Interesting!! I am really interested in teaching this topic. What are chemical substances, how it gets formed, the chemical bonds in it like ionic, covalent, metallic etc.,The types of reactions -synthesis, single displacement, double displacement, decomposition etc.,


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