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Nabaruna Basu

Nabaruna B.


Ph.D. @ University of Calcutta

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Hi! I am Nabaruna and I teach Chemistry.

Along with teaching, my other core passion is research. Over the last few years I have been actively researching on Physical Chemistry topics and have successfully published 4 papers, and presented 2 award-winning posters. I believe that teaching is a noble profession that crafts the future of many others and 5 years back, I decided to become a chemistry teacher. 

Connect with me if you wish to understand any basic Chemistry topics or geek out on any advanced concept.

I can Teach:

Matter , Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry , Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics , Chemical Kinetics , Basics of Matter, Chemistry

Teaching Experience


My focus always remains towards making each lesson easy to understand. Therefore, I set the pace of my classes according to the student’s comfort. At the end of each session, I keep some time for resolving any  doubts the student may have.

I believe in providing step-by-step explanations along with examples to cover complex topics like the redox reactions and the periodic table. And to further solidify the knowledge, I make my students take tests and quizzes.

Besides, I also share tips to study the entire syllabus in time and write good answers.

My Expertise

  • Matter
  • Chemical Substances
  • Periodic Table

Top subjects


My expertise on Chemistry deals with an introductory part, atomic structure, chemical reactions and equilibrium, chemical bonding, states of matter, acid base concept, molecular spectroscopy, solutions, kinetics, surface chemistry, thermodynamics, conductivity, physical chemistry practical knowledge, wide applications etc.

Periodic Table

My skill on this topic include the basic ideas of periodic table like groups, blocks, periods, classification of elements, various periodic trends, history and open questions with explanation.

States of Matter

I can provide some inputs on fundamental states, phase transition, phase diagram, colligative properties etc. along with related problems, questions, MCQs.

Nuclear Chemistry

My knowledge on this part incorporates radiation chemistry, nuclear reactions, nuclear spectroscopy like NMR, Radio Carbon dating and related problems etc.


My teaching on electrochemistry comprised of the principles of redox reaction, electrochemical cells, emf of cell, Faraday’s law, application etc. I am also comfortable with problems and relevant questions, MCQs.


In this large topic of Chemistry, I will cover the history, different branches of thermodynamics, laws of thermodynamics in detail. Problems on thermodynamics and MCQs are very much acceptable to me.

Chemical Kinetics

I can deliver an elaborate lecture on this topic, including the basic concepts. My study materials contain the derivation of different rate equation, temperature dependence of reaction kinetics, catalysis etc. I am very much comfortable to solve questions, problems, MCQs.


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amazing job

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Tyra s.

15 Sep, 2020

  • 5 star

want her as my tutor always

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Deedee C.

20 Jul, 2020

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