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Nabaruna Basu

Nabaruna B.


Ph.D. @ University of Calcutta

About me

Apart from study I am a very fun loving person who wants to enjoy every aspects of life. I like to go on trips occasionally with my family and friends to explore less known places. Apart from these I love to play table tennis with my friends.

I can Teach:

Matter , Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry , Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics , Chemical Kinetics , Basics of Matter

Teaching Experience

Let me start by saying that I believe, teaching is a noble profession which should be done with passion. I am experienced in teaching in the subject Chemistry through last 5 years. During my Ph.D., I was involved in a college. I must say I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot. Mostly, I teach students of class 11, 12 and graduation level. I think it is very important for a student, to understand any topic with clear conception and basic knowledge. I always deliver lecture on very simple way for proper understanding of a student. I can also provide high-quality study materials on different topics for the preparation of examination and to improve the skill. Those contain elaborate discussion of the topic along with key points. To know the subject, my write up are very much helpful. Besides, the students are encouraged to make questions. I also assist the students to present compact and to the point answer. It is very interesting to me to solve MCQs along with problems. My students can always interact with me regarding their queries, doubt and confusion.

My Expertise

  • Matter
  • Chemical Substances
  • Periodic Table

Top subjects


My expertise on Chemistry deals with an introductory part, atomic structure, chemical reactions and equilibrium, chemical bonding, states of matter, acid base concept, molecular spectroscopy, solutions, kinetics, surface chemistry, thermodynamics, conductivity, physical chemistry practical knowledge, wide applications etc.

Periodic Table

My skill on this topic include the basic ideas of periodic table like groups, blocks, periods, classification of elements, various periodic trends, history and open questions with explanation.

States of Matter

I can provide some inputs on fundamental states, phase transition, phase diagram, colligative properties etc. along with related problems, questions, MCQs.

Nuclear Chemistry

My knowledge on this part incorporates radiation chemistry, nuclear reactions, nuclear spectroscopy like NMR, Radio Carbon dating and related problems etc.


My teaching on electrochemistry comprised of the principles of redox reaction, electrochemical cells, emf of cell, Faraday’s law, application etc. I am also comfortable with problems and relevant questions, MCQs.


In this large topic of Chemistry, I will cover the history, different branches of thermodynamics, laws of thermodynamics in detail. Problems on thermodynamics and MCQs are very much acceptable to me.

Chemical Kinetics

I can deliver an elaborate lecture on this topic, including the basic concepts. My study materials contain the derivation of different rate equation, temperature dependence of reaction kinetics, catalysis etc. I am very much comfortable to solve questions, problems, MCQs.


  • 5 star

want her as my tutor always

Deedee C.

20 Jul, 2020

  • 5 star

amazing job

Tyra s.

15 Sep, 2020

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