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namitha nayanam

Namitha n.


MSc Chemistry @ Bharathiar university BEd Physical science @ N S S Training college, Ottapalam,Kerala

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I am Namitha , a reliable teacher ,who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. My strengths are hard worker, self motivating and dedicated towards my work. and also am a good learner as well as teacher.I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement.

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Basics of Matter, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics , Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science Basics

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I am in this profession of teaching for about 15 years. After completing my MSc I started my profession as a chemistry lecture in a senior secondary school. Then I concentrate my experience as a chemistry coaching faculty in different institutions in Kerala. I have 4 years of experience in online teaching too.

My Expertise

  • Basics of Matter
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Substances

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In classical physics and general chemistry matter is any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume.

Chemical Substances

A chemical substance is a form of matter having constant chemical composition and characteristic properties

Periodic Table

Periodic table is the systematic arrangement of elements organized by atomic number. It is the graphical representation of aufbau principle.

States of Matter

Matter can exist in one of the three main states, solid, liquid , or gas. Normal environment matter exists in these three forms, other states may present such as plasma,Bose-Einstein condensates, neutron stars, quark-gluon plasma etc.


Electro chemistry ,branch of chemistry concerned with the interrelation of electrical and chemical changes that are caused by the passage of current.

Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry a branch of chemistry which dealing with scientific study of the structure,properties,composition,reactions,and synthesis of organic compounds. Organic compounds are molecules composed of carbon,and hydrogen,and may contain number of other elements.


In chemistry thermodynamics called chemical thermodynamics, is the study of the interrelation of heat and work with chemical reactions or with physical change of state with respect to the different laws of thermodynamics.

Basics of Matter

In classical physics and general chemistry matter is any substance that has mass and takes up space by having volume.


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