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Nancy Dahiya

Nancy D.


Bachelor of Science @ DAV college, Chandigarh, Panjab University

About me

Hi! I’m Nancy and I have been teaching students how to score better marks in Physics.


I have been able to secure great grades in this subject myself, thanks to my curiosity about its concepts. I remember hours flying by in my school and college days as I remained engrossed in solving physics numerical problems and learning new concepts. One of my achievements remains winning a gold medal in the Mathematics Olympiad at the school level.


I am driven to make the best use of my education through teaching others. That is why I chose to teach my favorite subject - Physics.


Connect with me to learn about basic and advanced physics topics.

I can Teach:

Algebra Based Physics, Calculus Based Physics, Classical Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Earth Sciences , Electricity, Electricity, Fluid Mechanics , Gravitation, Kinematics , Magnetism, Mechanics, Optics, Physical Sciences

Teaching Experience

Physics is a great subject to develop a greater awareness of the physical world and analyze and experiment with the knowledge. Thus, I introduce my students to the concepts and let them gradually develop insights into them through various modes. While I sometimes use animated videos, at other times, I explain through examples from everyday life. Yet other times, I get them worked up through simple experiments they can perform at home and observe their learnings. Of course, different students prefer different approaches and I calibrate the teaching methods as per their preferences.


In order to get them comfortable around solving physics numerical problems, I check on their math too and help them correlate those topics to applying it for physics numerical problems.


Finally, to make them ready for exams, I conduct periodic tests. It has a great effect on reducing exam anxiety in students and letting me know where to give them that extra focus.

My Expertise

  • Algebra Based Physics
  • Calculus Based Physics
  • Classical Physics

Top subjects


It helps us to understand the complexity of the world around us in a simple way.

Environmental Science

In this changing world, environmental science can help us to understand the changes.


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