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Nancy Dahiya

Nancy D.


Bachelor of Science @ DAV college, Chandigarh, Panjab University

About me

I am a social person and I work with an NGO to help poor children and I have a friendly nature and I love teaching and cooking.

I can Teach:

Algebra Based Physics, Calculus Based Physics, Classical Physics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Earth Sciences , Electricity, Electricity, Fluid Mechanics , Gravitation

Teaching Experience

I am a patient listener and I understand that every student has their own pace to understand things, so I can help you to understand the basic concept of the subject and problem.

My Expertise

  • Algebra Based Physics
  • Calculus Based Physics
  • Classical Physics

Top subjects


It helps us to understand the complexity of the world around us in a simple way.

Environmental Science

In this changing world, environmental science can help us to understand the changes.


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