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Narendra Kumar

Narendra K.


B Tech @ Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur

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Hi! I’m Narendra and I am a Math tutor. I have been tutoring students on math for the last 5 years and helping them improve their grades.  Over the years, I have seen that it is quite common for students to miss a school or college lecture. And there are also times when they are unable to understand a topic in class due to the pace or the teaching style. This makes it difficult for them to catch up on the topics, especially in a subject like math. My goal is to identify and fill those gaps and help them make sense of everything. Apart from that, I also like to guide and motivate my students to solve different kinds of math problems.

I can Teach:

Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Operations, Basic Statistics, Bessel Functions, Decimals, Differential Calculus, Differential Equation, Discrete Mathematics, Estimation, Factors & Multiples

Teaching Experience


I take a step-by-step approach to explain the solutions and keep interacting with the student to make sure he/she has understood the concept well. Besides, I take time out to explain how a formula can be used and make sure my student practices a good number of problems to remember the formula. I create test papers for different grades & difficulty levels, and thus I can help my students prepare for tests and exams. I also boost my students' confidence by sharing tips for tackling exams. The focus here is on managing time, solving a mix of different problems, and helping students identify their weak areas & turn them into strengths.

My Expertise

  • Abstract/Modern Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Algebra Basics

Top subjects

Basic Statistics

Statistics is a conceptual and tricky subject. Students very easily get stuck while solving the questions. So a good level of clarity and analytical ability is important to understand and enjoy statistics.


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