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Neha Aggarwal

Neha A.


Masters in Science @ Dibrugarh University

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Hi! I’m Neha and I am a Math tutor. As a student, I always stayed persistent towards solving tricky math problems and pushing my limits. In time, this motivation to pursue excellence turned towards helping others excel at Math. In the last 4 years, I have had the opportunity to teach students from different parts of the world. It is a rewarding experience to guide each one towards finding the solutions and making them feel empowered. Connect with me if you are looking for a support system that can help you hone your basic or advanced math skills.

I can Teach:

Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Operations, Basic Statistics, Bessel Functions, Decimals, Differential Calculus, Differential Equation, Discrete Mathematics, Estimation, Factors & Multiples

Teaching Experience


While some students contact me for quick help about solving a couple of complex problems, others want a tutor to help them learn Math over time and improve. I try to be flexible in my approach and explain the solutions to each of them clearly.  I am willing to have the patience to show my students how a problem can be solved until they grasp it. If there is a possibility for an alternate solution, I show them that too. Above all, I want my students to score well in their exams. For that, I also make them sit for taking tests from time to time.

My Expertise

  • Abstract/Modern Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Algebra Basics

Top subjects


Trigonometry is one of my strong area of expertise. I can count all the formulas on my finger tips. May it be a very long expression or something you are stuck at. I can assure you that your questions will be solved.


Algebra is like find the treasure. You will never face any difficulty in solving any expressions, finding out missing terms in sequences, etc. I can very affectively give direction in using the Algebra formulas that will also help you in applying those formulas in real life situations.


Its one of the very basic topic but when used effectively it does magic, I love playing around with the decimals as it is really fun. I can help you clear all your doubts regarding all the topics in Decimals like rounding decimals to the nearest whole number, numerical problems, etc.

Factors & Multiples

I have gained a lot of knowledge and knows many tips and ticks that will help you learn and solve the factors and multiples in a very easy way.


  • 5 star

Very fast and accurate.

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