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Nupur Tyagi

Nupur T.


M.Sc. @ CCS university B.Ed @ Delhi University B.Sc @ Delhi University

About me

I love travelling and reading all kind of books. I just like to explore new things and understand the various prospects around them.

I can Teach:

Basics of Matter, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics , Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science Basics

Teaching Experience

I am a subject matter expert of Chemistry and have three years of experience in teaching Chemistry online by explaining the concepts and then working together on various problems leading to better understanding of the subject.

My Expertise

  • Basics of Matter
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Substances

Top subjects

Science Basics

As I have done my B.Ed with teaching expertise in science, this is my strongest subject for teaching.


I have my masters in Chemistry and I love Chemistry and can make it easy for others also to understand it in a more better way.


Everything around us is made up of matter and this is how we relate chemistry to the world around us. I can help in identifying the types of matter around us.

Chemical Substances

Chemistry is all about chemical substances and being a masters in Chemistry, I can really help in understanding types, reactions of various chemical substances.

Periodic Table

Periodic table is arrangement of all identified elements till now and I have expertise in explaining how they are arranged and what are their properties.

States of Matter

states of matter are solid, liquid and gas. I can teach the properties of these states of matter.

Organic Chemistry

organic chemistry is about compounds of Carbon and their properties and various reactions. I have done my masters with specialization in organic chemistry and hence can teach this topic.


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