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Graduation (Bachelor of Engineering) @ BITS Pilani, INDIA

About me

Apart from tutoring my interests include playing badminton, baseball, cooking, watching spy thrillers and developing small web apps to ease my day2day life. Looking forward to learn and fun with you !

I can Teach:

Trigonometry, Algebra Basics, Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Linear Algebra, Basic Statistics, Pre Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equation, Matrix Algebra

Teaching Experience

Hii students, myself Pallav Soni, a passionate programmer and mathematics geek. Proficient in - Python, C++, Javascript, HTML, node.js, probability, statistics and machine learning. I believe in my own concept of SDPQ learning (step wise, dynamic, practical and quick learning) . I focus more on teaching students to develop correct problem solving approach and confidence rather than just solutions. My lessons are short and intensive. Also I structure my lessons according to importance of practical and necessary concepts. I not just aim at teaching/commanding students but respect their approach and try to learn from them as well. Previous taching experience :- 2016 - 2019 : Served as part time tutor at Nirmaan organisation. Taught middle and high school students from small town at 0 fee (subjects - physics, chemistry and maths) and prepared them for competitive entrance exams. Apart from this i have a brief experience of tutoring online on other platforms in past.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Algebra Basics

Being a mathematics geek, i have always been passionate and fundamentally strong at mathematics since middle school. I an my brief experience of teaching i mainly taught middle and high school mathematics with an effective outcome in student results. I am comfortable teaching any middle and high school mathematics concept like algebra, trigo, calculus, circles, geometry, fractions, etc. My secret :- When it comes to mathematics problems, i try to find real life analogy to problems which makes it easier to teach/explain solutions to other.

Probability and Statistics

I bear strong quantitative aptitude and command on probability and statistics. In my undergraduate i have been the course topper of probability and statistics course.

Programming in Python

I am an AWS certified python developer and as mentioned in my resume i have worked on python programming as well as machine learning python frameworks like Keras, PyTorch, etc. I have extensively used python in almost all of my projects and therefore i am very sound with its exceptions and technicalities.

jQuery Programming

I am an AWS certified javascript and jquery developer. During my bachelors i developed university portals, canteen food ordering app and university cultural fest websites. I have extensively used jquery in this set of my web development projects for creating animations,handling user events and form submissions.

SQL Programming

I rate myself at intermediate expertise in SQL programming. I bear more of practical knowledge of SQL rather than theoretical. I can teach from writing data queries to integrating MYSQL servers to web applications.

Web Development

I started as front-end developer but over time i have learnt other aspects of web applications and turned to full stack developer.

Machine Learning

All through my bachelors i have been a big fan of machine learning and have developed a profile in it. I bear strong fundamentals of machine learning algos like regression, DT, PCA ,etc and a coursera certification in an online course. I interned for 6 months at Quantiphi Analytics, India where i worked on live projects like developing few shot image logo classification model. I am also experienced in working on deep learning frameworks like tensorflow.

Theory of Probability

I bear strong quantitative aptitude and command on probability and statistics. In my undergraduate i have been the course topper of probability and statistics course.


  • 5 star

Probably the overall best tutor on this website, I highly recommend him! Unlike other tutors, he continues to provide explanations of your work after does them to clear any doubts you still have. Thank you Pallav!

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04 Aug, 2020

  • 5 star

No words, Thank you so much! Looking forward to taking help from you in the future.

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Sajan A.

09 Aug, 2020

  • 5 star

Very Good

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Nicole A.

20 Oct, 2020

  • 5 star

Great Tutor!

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Koreen Y.

27 Jul, 2020

  • 5 star

Thanks, good work in such a short time

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Jennifer G.

29 Jun, 2020

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