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Master of science @ Teri University,New Delhi

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Apart from my professsion ,I keep myself engaged in many other activities like I write blogs related to spiritual topics,I do poetry. Then few hobbies which I have are cooking which I am good at, dancing, reading Indian mythology novels. In order to keep myself fit and healthy, I practice yoga everyday. So these are some of my favorite things.

I can Teach:

Science Basics, Physics, Astronomy , Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Gravitation, Earth Sciences

Teaching Experience

My bachelors in Physics and my masters in Geoinformatics had made me skilled in various science subjects like astronomy ,geography, cartography ,remote sensing etc. After having 4 years of professional experience I felt teaching is the best way of imparting your skills and knowledge to students. After working as a science teacher and then as an astronomy educator I had seen that students are really passionate about earth sciences and that too specially astronomy. The best practice which I use in my tutoring is to give students daily life examples and along with that hands on activities which make the topics more understandable and interesting.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Science Basics

1.Energy and its different forms. 2.Water and water cycle 3. Weather and seasons 4.Matter 5.Conservation of natural resources


1.Gravitation 2. Laws of motion 3.Work,energy and power 4.Matter and energy


This is my favorite area and I would love to teach 1.Universe stars and planets 2.Solar system 3.History of astronomy 4.Black holes 5.Comets

Cosmology and Astronomy

My areas of expertise in cosmolgy and astronomy includes 1.Hydrorocketry 2.Scaling of solar system 3.Celestial sphere 4.Motions of earth 5.Astronomical models

Earth and Space

1.Lunar phases 2.Characteristics of objects in solar system 3.Seasons 4.keplers law and their application 5.Path of sun


1.Gravitation 2.Universal law of gravitation 3.Difference between g and G

Earth Sciences

1.Different type of plate boundaries 2.Earth and atmosphere 3.Lapse rate 4.Mapping and cartography 5.Layers of earth


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