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Prity Rani

Prity R.


Masters of Technology @ National Institute of Technology, Puducherry Bachelor of Technology @ RTC Institute of Technology, Ranchi

About me

Hi, I graduated as a Computer Science Engineer in 2018. Currently I am in final year of Post Graduation in Computer Science Department. My Primary area of Research are Machine Learning and Deep Learning. I love to teach Computer Science Subjects, Mathematics , Programming languages, History and Social science. I am a Hard Worker, Energetic and Passionate tutor. I am a Table Tennis and Badminton player. Also I love to playing Cricket. I love Cooking. Students Enjoy my helping nature and concerns. I always try to solve students problem how much I can.

I can Teach:

Android Programming, Arduino Programming, Artificial Inelligence, Assemblers, Basic Computer Organizations and Designs, C Sharp Programming, Compilers, Complexity, Computer Arithmetic, Computer Graphics

Teaching Experience

I have more than four years of teaching experience. I worked as a private tutor for 2 years where I taught Mathematics, programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA and python. I worked as a Chegg tutor for 2 years where I taught Computer Science subjects, Software Engineering subjects, Mathematics, programming languages such as Python, Java, C++ and History subjects. I am currently working as a Chegg Q&A Expert for computer science subject. I love to teach all grade students. I have Oracle Certification for Core Java and Advanced Java programing language. I have experience in online tutoring as well as classroom teaching.

My Expertise

  • Android Programming
  • Arduino Programming
  • Artificial Inelligence

Top subjects

Discrete Mathematics

I love to teach Discrete Mathematics especially Graph Theory and Mathematical Logic concepts. I have more than two years of tutoring experience for this topic in Chegg Tutors. So I can Easily explain these topics.


I have more than four years of teaching experience in java. I have Oracle Certification for Core Java and Advanced Java. In java, my concepts are deep and I can explain easily each and every topic especially Inheritance, Constructor, Exception Handling, Garbage Collector and Collections concepts.

Programming in java

I have more than two years of tutoring experience as a Chegg tutor for Computer Science subjects. I love to teach Core subjects such as Operating system, Programing Languages, Compiler Design, Database etc. I have cleared GATE EXAM in 2019 for Computer Science Paper.


I love to teach memory management concepts especially Paging concept. My concepts are deep in this topic. Also I have Cleared GATE EXAM 2019 for Computer science paper. In this exam they asked questions frequently from this topic. So I can teach deeply memory management.

Machine Learning

I love to teach Virtual Memory concepts especially Demand Paging Concepts and Paging Concepts. I have more than two years of tutoring experience in Chegg tutors for Computer science and Software Engineering subjects. So Many time I taught Virtual memory concepts. So I can easily explain this topic.


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Mohammed q.

10 Apr, 2021

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