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master's in economics @ Allahabad university

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apart from studies I have huge interest various other activities dancing attracts me the most , I am trained in salsa , hip-hop, bachata also I like to play piano when ever I get the time . i worked in various plays in my school and college times and participated in different sports.

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Admission Essay, Admission Papers Editing, Annotated Bibilography, Application Paper, Article Critique, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Business English, Conversational English (also Small Talk), Coursework, Cover Letter, CV Editing, CV Writing, Dissertation, Dissertation Chapter, Editing

Teaching Experience

I have been tutoring from my college days and perused the same along with my work, I have total 4 years of tutoring experience, I have been working with various reputed online tutoring sites I believe in conceptual clarity rather than just mugging the concept, a clear step by step detailed solution help student gaining knowledge and retaining them as well. I have handled students from various nationalities for example US, UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA and many more, I have been working on some Indian online tutoring sites also. I have handled students from various grades like high school, graduation and post-graduation. I have helped students into their project work also. I am also writing civil services exams for my country, I have expertise in HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY, ECONOMICS, BUSINESS STUDIES, ENVOIRMENTAL STUDIES, POLITICAL SCIENCE, INTERNATIONAL RELATION and GOVERNANCE.

My Expertise

  • Admission Essay
  • Admission Papers Editing
  • Annotated Bibilography

Top subjects

Income Elasticity

Monopoly market :- monopoly market is a situation where only single producer is manufacturing a product , the product manufactured is not having any close substitute , producer enjoys monopoly in the market. Monopoly is having several features: - Strong barrier to entry for new firm No close substitute is available for the product Seller is single where as many buyers are present Market demand curve is demand curve for monopolist, he controls the market.

Consumer Surplus

Monopolistic competition: - it is a market condition in which features of perfect competition and monopoly are present, producer enjoys monopoly at certain extent whereas close substitute of that product also available, new firm can easily exit and enter in the market like perfect competition. For example: - various toothpaste brands available in market and every toothpaste is having some distinct quality in itself but at the same time other toothpaste brands are also available which fulfil the same purpose. Producers distinguish their products with branding, adding extra features, attractive advertisement campaign.


Inflation -: inflation in general terms referred as rise in prices, if in economy general price level is increasing for goods and services in that case it is termed as inflation. inflation in economy is very important because a gradual rise in price gives boost to producers to supply more and more which eventually leads to growth of the economy so (3-5 %) inflation in the economy is considered good for the growth and act as a positive factor. An uncontrollable level of inflation harms the economy because a continue rise in price at higher level would discourage consumer to buy products as well as producers would also be not able to supply at rising prices and prices would continue to hike due to demand supply mismatch, this would harm economic growth.


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