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Rajat Bamal

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BA LLB @ Panjab University Post Graduate Diploma in Mass communication , Journalism and Advertising @ Panjab University Open Learning School

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Hi! I am Rajat and I teach English. I help my students comprehend literature, and teach them how to adapt their writing style to various formats. I have been an avid reader since childhood and I spend most of my evenings reading English novels from genres like thrillers, biographies, comedies, etc. What keeps me hooked to the novels more than the plot is how differently each book expresses facts and emotions. This inspired me to pursue a career where I teach my students about English language and how to express oneself with the means of this language. I taught for 3 years as an IELTS teacher & coached students to improve their English to international professional standards. Over these years, I learnt the art of paying individual attention to each student and helping them overcome their unique challenges.

I can Teach:

Essay-Writing, Term Paper, Research Paper, Book Report/Review or Movie Review, Coursework, Speech/Presentation, Article Critique, Annotated Bibilography, Dissertation, Dissertation Chapter, Resume Writing, CV Writing, CV Editing, Cover Letter, Personal Statement

Teaching Experience

It is essential for a student to have an understanding of the medium and the writing format. For example, for research papers, one needs to have a keen understanding of a subject, research it from various sources and present the information comprehensively. On the other hand, when writing a speech, one needs to focus on using powerful and empathetic words and understanding the audience. I train my students as per their needs and help them navigate the process of writing their articles with good structure and appropriate vocabulary.

My Expertise

Top subjects


Writing essay is a skill and one should have enormous amount of knowledge by one's side to do complete justification with this genre. I constantly read essays of different authors from diverse backgrounds to Master this skill.

Term Paper

Term papers are all about answering precisely and using the best of examples available. Each and every subject require different approach. One thing is certain about term exams and that is if one will study keeping in mind the pattern of previous questions then the results would be great.

Research Paper

in order to write a good research paper, one should keep in mind that research is all about comprehensiveness. Reading lots of journals and research is important. That is something which I love to do.

Book Report/Review or Movie Review

In order to review a book or movie one should know all dimensions of the genre in which that work falls. The critical review requires deep understanding of the subject.


Oratory skills can be improved a lot if the speech contains powerful and empathetic words. I love writing speeches keeping in mind my audience.


I wrote one dissertation on the interesting topic viz. "Organised Crime". It was of 14000 words and the references were from different different online and offline works. To write a good dissertation one should understand the Topic properly and then starts the extensive research.

Scholarship Essay

Conversational english is really very important for foreign students and for IELTS aspirants. I scored & bands in speaking Module of IELTS and I think my English hons. degree helped me a lot in achieving that.

Conversational English (also Small Talk)

Conversational English is all about expressing one's thought in the most appropriate manner by using the effective vocabulary. I scored 7 bands in my speaking module of IELTS. My mass communication diploma studies helped me a lot to understand conversational skills.


The best way to improve Vocabulary is to read lots of books and the choice of book depends upon one's requirement.


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good job

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28 Mar, 2021

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Followed instructions.

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Chancel B.

11 Feb, 2021

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He did it very sincerely. Thank you.

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Chanwon P.

27 Jul, 2020

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very precise and on time delivery

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Tenisha C.

28 Jun, 2020

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Very high quality work

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Cayla C.

13 Jun, 2020

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