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Ramees Jannath

Ramees J.



About me

Hi, I am Ramees J. I teach Computer Science.


I have been at a stage when I lagged behind in studies and became low on confidence with my classmates. Luckily, I got good mentorship in studying computer science, and my grades steadily increased. Moreover, I realized that studying computer science is enjoyable.


Thus, I like to help my students learn this subject and make their mark in the professional world. I have been working as an assistant professor and an online tutor for over 2 years, and I thoroughly enjoy this role.

I can Teach:

Android Programming, Arduino Programming, Artificial Inelligence, Assemblers, Basic Computer Organizations and Designs, C Sharp Programming, Compilers, Complexity, Computer Arithmetic, Computer Graphics, Computer Science (AP/College intro), Computer Science (College Advanced), Cryptography, CSS, Data Link Control Protocols

Teaching Experience

I love working with students from different backgrounds and with different levels of knowledge. Whether they want me to explain a topic from scratch, or just answer a couple of their queries, I am okay with both.

My focus is to give my students up-to-date knowledge of the topic they want to study and work with them on programming, coding, etc. A lot of times, students feel discouraged to work on complex codes. So, I motivate them by showing them how it can be done strategically.

My Expertise

  • Android Programming
  • Arduino Programming
  • Artificial Inelligence

Top subjects

Programming in C, C++

Expert in Programming using C/ C++ Taught the subject many times in colllege level

Programming in java

Taught the subject for Post Graduate students. Did my degree project using Java Programming Language.

Internet Programming

Expert in Python. Have the experience of implementing python


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