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Rishi Raj

Rishi R.


B.Tech @ NIT Warnagal

About me

I like listening to music which acts as stress buster for me and also reading novels and playing guitar.

I can Teach:

Algebra, Algebra-1, Algebra-2, Calculus, Geometry, Geometry, Integral, Acid-Bases, Acids Bases and Salts, Alkanes-Cycloalkanes-Functional-Groups, Amino-Acid-Chart, Ap-Chemistry, Atomic Structure, Atoms-Compounds-Ions, Basics of Matter

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching online for pat 3 years and I basically have strong command over science and maths along with chemical engineering disciple which I am currently pursuing from National Institute of Technology,Warangal.

My Expertise

Top subjects

Chemical Kinetics

I am really very fond of reaction mechanisms and rate laws associated with various types of real life examples and I feel quite good in solving them.


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