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Robin Suri

Robin S.


Master of Computer Applications (Post Graduate) @ IIT Roorkee Bsc Maths and Computer Science @ Chennai Mathematical Institute

About me

Hi, I am an IIT Roorkee alumnus. Have a strong indepth knowledge in programming and Software field.

I can Teach:

Programming in C, C++, Programming in java, Programming in .NET, Internet Programming , Programming in Python , Programming in Assembly Language, Computer Science (AP/College intro), Android Programming, C Sharp Programming, HTML Programming, ios Programming, jQuery Programming, PHP Programming, Scala Programming, Visual Basic Programming

Teaching Experience

I have taught students remotely studying in University of Toronto pusuing Software Engineering. Previous to that i was working in software industry for past 10 years.

My Expertise

  • Programming in C
  • C++
  • Programming in java

Top subjects

Discrete Mathematics

Have indepth knowledge of this area as i was interested in Maths Olympiad during my school days.

Programming in java

I have been working on java technologies in software companies for past many years


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