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Rudra Pratap

Rudra P.


Bachelors of Technology @ Lovely Professional University

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I enjoy teaching challenging and complex topics. In order to teach them effectively, I start at what students already know. Gradually, I take them step-by-step through the topic until they understand it in wholeness. This has helped me teach hundreds of students and help them improve their grades. About theoretical portions, I explain definitions and processes with illustrations. This makes learning easier for a lot of students.

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Hi! I’m Rudra. I teach Computer Science. I have been excellent at these subjects in my school and college. My achievements include ranking 4th in my state in the Class 10 exam . I wish to teach students how they can score better grades in CS. For this, I try to find out about their current knowledge and their unique learning needs. This helps me decide the pace of teaching and the areas that need focus.

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Programming in C, C++

Standard libraries of the c, c++ , classes and object, functions, if-else statement, do -n while statement.


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