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Safiqul Islam

Safiqul I.


Ph.D @ Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

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As far as teaching philosophy is concerned I believe that our personal philosophy affects how we carry out our everyday tasks, and influences our reactions to different situations accordingly. The atmosphere in which we are raised is a primary factor in formulating our beliefs and attitudes, or philosophy. Role models have some bearing on the way we perceive life, and the way in which we express ourselves. I believe education is an essential part in personal development. It is mandatory for students to grow as individuals by learning about different aspects of the world in which they live. I am quite fond of the "never stop learning" approach and will apply it in my classroom. The benefits from education are endless. As a teacher and motivator, I feel responsible to motivate learners. Students should be given an understanding that no goals can be achieved without putting any efforts. Conversely, learning is built with frequent exposure and practicing. As a mentor, I am alert to students' aptitude and learning styles. This allows me to nurture their development by using inspiring quotations. Consequently, not only they enjoy the class, but also love the lessons. Quality time, a form of dedication, is highly important for both of us. "Our words and actions create our own world". This motto keeps me to provide positive reinforcement for students continually. As a role model, I realize that there is a hidden curriculum that I have to nourish in students' performance, particularly: attitude, communication skills, and social awareness. I do hope that my words and actions can inspire students. My Teaching Philosophy I believe that education extends far beyond the classroom walls, and involves many more people than students and teachers. People should be learning wherever they go, and should continue learning long after they’ve graduated from high school or college. I have the skills: IT Skills: MS Office (Word, Power Point), MS Excel, Internet, Latex, Maple, Mathematica, Python, Veusz, Matlab, Python Online Teaching Skills: Xournal and Watcom Pen, Whiteboard, etc. Language Proficiency: Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic. Sporting Interests: Cricket, football, table tennis. Hobbies: Music, traveling, playing chess, quiz, yoga, participating in mathematics quizzes

I can Teach:

Abstract/Modern Algebra, Algebra, Algebra Basics, Applied Mathematics, Arithmetic, Basic Geometry, Basic Operations, Basic Statistics, Bessel Functions, Decimals, Differential Calculus, Differential Equation, Discrete Mathematics, Estimation, Factors & Multiples

Teaching Experience

I am a tutor at TutorEye, with Mathematics as well as Calculus, as core subject. I have teaching experience as a Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, for 2 years. I have taught Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mathematical Modeling, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Vector Calculus, Tensor Calculus, Analytical Geometry , Matrices, and a lot of other courses. I have teaching and research experience as Post Doctoral Research at Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India, for 3 years from 2016-2019. The subjects were Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Tensor Algebra, Differential Geometry, General Relativity and Cosmology, Theoretical Astrophysics. As a Visiting Fellow in 2017 to the Department of Mathematics, RTM Nagpur University, India, I have delivered lectures on cosmological models of the universe and expertise lecture on wormholes to the post graduate students of the University. I have also imparted training on software like Maple, Mathematica, Latex, Veusz, Matlab, TexWindows, e.t.c. I have received my Ph.D in Science in 2014 from Department of Mathematics, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India (Sub: Some Theoretical Features of Wormholes and Gravastars ). I have also qualified in SET in 2015 conducted by The West Bengal College Service Commission ( Sub : Mathematical Sciences ) for Assistant Professor in Colleges and Universities. I had an invited visit, to give a seminar recently, at Department of Physics and Astronomy, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada, in 2017. I interacted with the Professors and students of the university , gave a talk on my present research and exchanged ideas on a possible research collaboration on Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Astrophysics. The work is published in Chinese Physics Letters, 2018. I have around 20 research publications on Applied Mathematics. I give my presentations in powerpoint, and have attended more than 64 conferences, workshops, seminar. As far as my research is concerned, I have presented in about 18 national conferences, workshops, seminar, and 10 international ones. Very recently I had a research presentation at the FISICPAC conference at University of Sharjah, UAE, in November, 2018. Teaching Mathematics is my passion, as well as I desire that my students get the best of education and knowledge, from the comfort of their home. “Mathematics can be fun in learning” is what I want my students to understand. I would like to develop the mathematics skills in students from their school level. I specialize in tutoring students of all levels, at school and college, and would definitely love to help you with my subject Mathematics and Calculus. I have been tutoring Middle and High-School students this year, and am prepared with written, audio and interactive materials, too. As I am acquainted with latex, powerpoint, photoshop, python, etc, I make students understand and learn easily with my simple teaching skills.

My Expertise

  • Abstract/Modern Algebra
  • Algebra
  • Algebra Basics

Top subjects


Calculus is related with trigonometry and algebra. The fundamental trigonometric functions like sine and cosine are used to define the sound and light waves. Trigonometry is further used in oceanography to measure the heights of waves and tides in oceans. It is used in satellite systems, and to create maps. The famous Pythagoras' Theorem finds its' application in determining how tall a ladder needs to be in order to safely place the base away from the wall so it does not urn over.

Probability and Statistics

Probability problems infer conclusions about characteristics of hypothetical data taken from the population. Probability explains the mathematical chance that something might happen, and is used in numerous day- to-day applications. Statistical techniques help in framing, planning models and also in providing data, tools to analyze the data.

Differential Calculus

Differential calculus is used to study the rates of change of functions, using the applications of limits and derivatives. It is a method which deals with the rate of change of one quantity with respect to another. It is very useful to determine the absolute (or global) minimum and maximum values of a function as well as the relative (or local) minimum and maximum values of a function.

Differential Equation

Differential equations are applied to predict the world around us, and used in a wide variety of disciplines, from biology, economics, physics, chemistry and engineering. It has applications in exponential growth and decay model, Newton's law of cooling, and Circuit theory, e.t.c.


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