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Sanal Panakkat

Sanal P.


Msc @ Pondicherry University

About me

Hi! I’m Sanal and I teach Statistics. I strive towards making this subject easy and fun for my students. My tryst with Statistics started as a fascination and over all these years, it has become my passion. I was intrigued by data and how one can understand meaning behind data with the help of Statistics and also make decisions based on the trends & patterns. Since the last 3 years, I have been helping students warm up to the concepts of Statistics and take on complex problems confidently.

I can Teach:

Applications of ANOVA, Assignment Problem, Biostatistics, Charts and Diagrams, Chi Square Distributions, Cluster Sampling, Coefficient of Variance, Correlation, Regression, Decision Making, Design of Experiments, Double Sampling, Exponential Smoothing, Factorial Experiments, Forecasting, Game Theory

Teaching Experience

I use plenty of examples from day-to-day lives for explaining statistical concepts. This instantly helps most of the students to connect with this subject. And I am always eager to have a fruitful discussion about the problem through various perspectives and resolve their doubts. However much I may explain a concept, but perfection only comes through practice. That is why I always inspire my students to solve a lot of problems and test their knowledge in my classes. To help students deal with advanced concepts, I also help them with using statistics based software like R and SPSS.

My Expertise

  • Applications of ANOVA
  • Assignment Problem
  • Biostatistics

Top subjects

Theory of Probability

I have 6 years experience in teaching this topics. I teach students 3years the theory of probability. Dice throwing, coin tossing, Cards playing, Urn probability etc.

Charts and Diagrams

I know to interpret the scatter diagram, box plot,bar diagram,pie chart,Normal plots, Histogram and many other statistical charts.


I know the sample variance , population variance, confidence interval calculation,testing of variance

Standard Deviation

Testing of standard deviation, standard error, margin of error, confidence interval, sample standard deviation , population standard deviation


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25 Nov, 2022

  • 5 star

Very fast and very accurate.

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03 Apr, 2022

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