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Sanal Panakkat

Sanal P.


Msc @ Pondicherry University

About me

I like the subject statistics. I will teach students with more examples from day today life and the applications of the topics. I like to teach them as vocational education method.

I can Teach:

Applications of ANOVA, Assignment Problem, Biostatistics, Charts and Diagrams, Chi Square Distributions, Cluster Sampling, Coefficient of Variance, Correlation, Regression, Decision Making, Design of Experiments

Teaching Experience

I have three year experience in teaching statistics for college students in one on one attention.

My Expertise

  • Applications of ANOVA
  • Assignment Problem
  • Biostatistics

Top subjects

Theory of Probability

I have 6 years experience in teaching this topics. I teach students 3years the theory of probability. Dice throwing, coin tossing, Cards playing, Urn probability etc.

Charts and Diagrams

I know to interpret the scatter diagram, box plot,bar diagram,pie chart,Normal plots, Histogram and many other statistical charts.


I know the sample variance , population variance, confidence interval calculation,testing of variance

Standard Deviation

Testing of standard deviation, standard error, margin of error, confidence interval, sample standard deviation , population standard deviation


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