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M.Sc @ Shivaji University

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I can provide solution to students by explaining each and every step of answer.

I can Teach:

Applications of ANOVA, Assignment Problem, Biostatistics, Charts and Diagrams, Chi Square Distributions, Cluster Sampling, Coefficient of Variance, Correlation, Regression, Decision Making, Design of Experiments, Double Sampling, Exponential Smoothing, Factorial Experiments, Forecasting, Game Theory

Teaching Experience

I have more than 3 years of experience in Online teaching. I can provide detailed solution to students questions with all understanding.

My Expertise

  • Applications of ANOVA
  • Assignment Problem
  • Biostatistics

Top subjects

Algebra Basics

I can provide help with basic algebra questions


I can provide help with algebra questions

Probability and Statistics

I can help the student to get a complete understanding of probability and statistics with example

Basic Statistics

I can help students to understand basic statistical concepts.

Numbers & Patterns

I can help students to understand Numbers and Patterns concepts.

Theory of Probability

I can help students to understand probability in detail.

Simple Random Sampling

Simple random sampling is basic of any data analysis process.


The distributions are the heart of statistics. t, z, and F distributions are very often used in statistics for hypothesis testing. I can explain it with manual as well as using technoloby

t, F, Z Distributions

I can provide help with Chi-square distribution also

Chi Square Distributions

ANOVA is needed when there are more than 2 groups for comparison.

Applications of ANOVA

I can explain in detail the Correlation and regression


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