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Sarita Goyal

Sarita G.

Verified B.Ed @ Delhi University

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I love drawings and paintings. When a white canvas turned into beautiful painting that is a delighted moment and enlighten me from inside.

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Teaching is not everybody's cup of tea, But i always feel that i have this inborn talent to make others understand the Concepts by relating them with the real life examples. I started teaching when i was in college as i have a great urge of teaching as I’m confident that my passion for the children development, together with my skills and expertise will enable me to make a significant difference.I have also worked as a professional teacher in a regular school for three years to enhance my skill.

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Top subjects

Earth and Space

Earth where we live on and have a special attachment so want to explore more on it and i feel that everybody wants to know . so I would love to share my knowledge with easy elaborations with the children.

Plant Physiology

Life is not possible without plants . Plants have their own machinery to do work . Its very interesting to discuss their physics. I can explain it with practical demonstrations.

Human Physiology

God has given us this beautiful body with an intricate machinery. Science of Human Body is not easy to understand but yet very interesting. So to make it easy to understand i use tables and flowcharts.


Genetics is the science of inheritance. I am sure we used to have lot of questions in our mind that why do we resemble our parents and siblings but yet very different. Its amazing to answer these questions.


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