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Shashi Kiran Reddy

Shashi K.


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I am a research scholar in various fields starting from astrobiology to neurosciences. I am a nature lover and a passionate traveler. I do regular trekking and hiking. I also play and make didgeridoos (music instrument). Students can learn any of these things from me.

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I am having more than 8 years of teaching experience in mathematics and physics. I have used advanced mathematical methods in my research.

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Fluid Mechanics

I did my masters by research in fluid mechanics. I have worked on 'Spectrum of the Elastic-Rayleigh Equation.' Elastic Rayleigh equation is the one that governs linear perturbations in non- Newtonian fluid flows. Here, we analytically derived singular eigenfunction expressions that correspond to the continuous spectrum modes (that could physically be attributed to singularities in the domain) for two simple canonical flows; Couette flow and Rankine vortex. This could serve as a starting point for understanding dynamics of more complex flows. On a whole, this problem falls in the domain of Hydrodynamic stability.


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