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Shivani Garg

Shivani G.


MSc @ Punjab University ,Chandigarh.

About me


Hi, I am Shivani and I am a Biology tutor. I loved what I studied in college and it gives me great satisfaction in sharing the subject knowledge with others. As a young Botany graduate, I also see teaching as a way to reinforce what I have learned. I am here to teach basic or advanced biology topics in a way that my students retain the knowledge for a long time. Besides, I also enjoy teaching the basics of chemistry. Connect with me to clarify the science topics, and I’ll be glad to help you round the clock.

I can Teach:

Science Basics, Biology, Body Systems, Animal Facts, Plant & Fungi Facts, Environmental Science, Cell Biology , Living World , World Of Living, Taxonomy

Teaching Experience


Teachers, in my opinion, are facilitators who make learning happen. My goal is to make learning as seamless as possible while covering all facets of any given lesson. Hence, I keep my classes conversational and promote an open learning environment. A good method to describe a scientific process is to tell a story. I use it to describe the various factors involved in a process, how they interact, and what results ensue. This makes it simple to recollect the concepts. Alongside the story, I include related graphics, images, and videos to make it more impactful. I also make my students take tests to figure out which areas need further brushing up. Accordingly, I adjust my focus ahead and tie all the loose ends in their learning.

My Expertise

  • Science Basics
  • Biology
  • Body Systems

Top subjects


Biology is the branch of science under which living organisms are studied. Biology has various branches and its study is very important to understand the basic and advanced body functioning of living organisms.

Cell Biology

cell is basic structural unit of life. In cell biology we study the structure, function and behavior of cells. The cell can replicate itself independently, hence they are called the building blocks of life.

Plant Physiology

Plant physiology deals with different plant structures and their functioning. It enables analyzing various processes in plants, namely- photosynthesis, mineral nutrition, respiration ,transportation and ultimately plant development.


Genetics is the branch of biology deals with the structure of DNA inside the cell of organisms. How the traits passed from one generation to the next and how the variations accumulate because of mutations leads of evolution.


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