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Shiwani Singh

Shiwani S.

Verified @ university of allahabad

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Hi! I am Shiwani, a Chemistry enthusiast. I like to express my love for chemistry by teaching it.

It is fascinating to study the makeup of different materials, and how combining them can create diverse kinds of useful (and harmful) products. With an interest to learn deeper about the subject, I worked on a project on modification in pharmaceutical drugs through crystallization.

I am glad to be able to teach my students the basics of chemistry and connect the dots for them when they struggle with complex topics.

I can Teach:

Basics of Matter, Chemical Kinetics , Chemical Substances, Electrochemistry , Matter , Nuclear Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Thermodynamics , Chemistry, Environmental Science, Science Basics

Teaching Experience

I like to be a friend cum guide for my students. I am always up for discussing challenging topics and giving them insights about how I go about mastering them.

Often topics in organic chemistry can be concept-heavy. So, I like to break them down into chunks that can be easily understood and then revise them with the students. Also, I try to bring in some 3-D images, and examples of physical objects to show them the chemical bondings of different types.

In addition, I engage my students with mnemonics to remember the reactions and the periodic table better. Besides these little tips, I also get them to take tests to round up their total knowledge and work on their targets with better focus.

My Expertise

  • Basics of Matter
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Substances

Top subjects

Nuclear Chemistry

I can teach .alpha ,beta , gamma particles ,nuclear fusion nuclear fusion.


Teach to love elactrochemical and voltaic cells.transport numbre,transference

Organic Chemistry

Teaching from goc to reactions all


From basics to standard,with mathematical tools

Chemical Kinetics

Explaing about rate, order,, parallal reactions, consecutive,etc


  • 5 star

Amazing tutor, 100% recommend. She got my work done very quickly and was very detailed in her work. She is very intelligent and smart, I enjoyed working with her.

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Farwa B.

21 Jun, 2021

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