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shyamalendu das

Shyamalendu d.


Post Graduate @ Lucknow University

About me

I like to travel to new places, understanding the local people, their food habits, customs and culture, their economic life, their perception about the travellers, i like to explore people whenever i get a chance to travel, it helps me to understand the mindset of people, i feel if one wants to know about the facts about the society they must interact with people, one should not only depend on the narrative of the media.

I can Teach:

Absolute Advantage, AD-AS Model, Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply, Aggregate Expenditure Model, Anti-Trust Laws, Balance of Payment, Comparative Advantage, Consumer Surplus, Cross Price Elasticity, Demand and Supply, Economic Integration, Equilibrium of Demand and Supply, Exchange Rate, Externalities, Fiscal Policy

Teaching Experience

My name is shyamalendu das, I have teaching experience of 11 years, i can teach the students of Upper secondary, I can teach every aspects related to the subject of Economics, I will help you upgrade in this subject, I can help you in your homework and assignment, I am confident student will be more clear about the concepts of economics after studying with me.

My Expertise

  • Absolute Advantage
  • AD-AS Model
  • Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

Top subjects

Demand and Supply

It's one of the basic topics we study in economics, it gives us an idea of how the consumer behaves in a real situation with the changes in prices and changes in factors other than price, i.e. substitute goods, complementary goods, the income of consumers.

Equilibrium of Demand and Supply

It is also an important topic of consumer behavior, it explains how equilibrium can be established between demand and supply when we assume that other things would not change, so at a higher price, a consumer would demand less of a commodity and vice versa, similarly, a producer would like to produce more when the supply price is higher.

Price Elasticity

Price elasticity is a topic of consumer behaviour, it explains the elasticity of demand when there is the change in the price of products, it expresses a relationship of elasticity between price and demand for a product.


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