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Siddhant Dhende

Siddhant D.


B Tech Chemical Engineering @ Vishwakarma Institute of Technology

About me

I usually have a great interest in various startups and project development. Even I take interests in finance and management. Apart from all this stuffs I like to be updated always about the current ongoing situation in various domains which I feel is something wherein students will take interest.

I can Teach:

Science Basics, Biology, Body Systems, Animal Facts, Plant & Fungi Facts, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy , Environmental Science, Electricity, Optics, Cosmology and Astronomy, Earth and Space, Kinematics , Mechanics

Teaching Experience

Engineering is my Profession & Teaching is my Passion. It's because of you all students, I continuously feel cherished and encouraged to deliver my knowledge up to you. I had previously worked in many organizations such as Toppr, Vedantu, askiitians, pojo software, as an online tutor. I personally want to work in TutorEye to enhance my knowledge as well as Skills.

My Expertise

  • Science Basics
  • Biology
  • Body Systems

Top subjects

Plant & Fungi Facts

Chemistry is basically a central science because all the processes that sustain life are based on chemical reactions, and all things that we use in everyday life are natural or artificial chemical compounds. This subject is one of the most important aspect of every individual's life because life originated through chemical compounds itself.


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