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PhD @ Andhra University

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Hi! I'm Siva, a doctorate in chemistry from India. My research interests are Heterogeneous catalysis & material science. So far the research results of mine were published in 09 International Journals. I have got experience in both Research and Teaching. Got 2 years experience as full time faculty at UG College post completion of masters in 2005. Later joined a Contract Reasearch Organization as Research Chemist (Medicinal Chemistry) and got 08 months experience before joining a national institute for pursuing PhD program. During this time I worked as Visiting faculty for few PG Colleges. Also got more than 08 years experience as online tutor and provided around 1500 hours of tutoring to the students from different countries mainly from USA and Canada and few are from India. The feedback of my students remained as motivation for me to do this job with more energy. I am ever ready to accept the challenging tasks and working to solve them along with students. These session with me is going to be lively, interactive and definitely you will enjoy learning chemistry with me. I can help with courses like Basic Chem, Honors Chem and subject tests like AP, IB, SAT II Chem etc. Looking forward to meet you in session.

I can Teach:

Chemistry, Chemical Substances, Periodic Table, States of Matter, Nuclear Chemistry, Electrochemistry , Organic Chemistry, Thermodynamics , Chemical Kinetics , Basics of Matter

Teaching Experience

02 years full time teaching experience at UG College (Post Masters & Before PhD) 06 years full time teaching experience at UG level (Post PhD) 09 years online tutoring experience (tutored for more than 2000 hours so far)

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  • Chemistry
  • Chemical Substances
  • Periodic Table

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What is chemistry? Why to study Chemistry? Answer: It is the branch of Science involved with elements, atoms, molecules and ions, their composition, properties, behaviour and the transformations that they undergo under different conditions (chemical reactions). Study of chemistry help humans in understanding the world around them in more meaningful way.

Chemical Substances

A form of matter with fixed chemical composition can be called as Chemical Substance.

Periodic Table

Tabular arrangement of Elements according to their atomic numbers, Electronic Configuration and recurring properties can be considered as Periodic table.

States of Matter

Matter can exist in either of the following state, (i) Solids (ii) Liquids (iii) Gases (iv) Plasma State (v) Bose-Einstein Condensates

Nuclear Chemistry

Branch of chemistry which deals with Nuclear Transformations (i.e., Transformation from one nuclei to other).


The study of chemical processes that cause electrons to move is considered as Electrochemistry. Eg: Electrons will be moving in Redox reactions

Organic Chemistry

Branch of chemistry that deals with compounds of Carbon.


It is the Science of relationship between heat and other forms of energy. It helps in determining the feasibility of a process/reaction.

Chemical Kinetics

Branch of chemistry which deals with study of Rates of reactions. It also gives valuable information about the mechanism of reaction and parameters that can affect the rate of the reaction.

Basics of Matter

"Matter can be defined as anything that has mass and takes up some volume."


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