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Market Segmentation and Targeting

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING STRATEGY OF PEPSI Written by Subhajit Pahari Social media marketing or SMM has become a buzz term in the present marketing scenario. It is the most popular and effective method to reach to the customers for achieving marketing and branding goal of a company by attracting and engaging them1. Social media marketing can be defined as connecting with the audience, through social media platforms, intending to build a company brand as well as increase sales besides generating website traffic2. Publishing various contents on company’s social media profiles, running social media advertisements, listening to the audiences, engaging the followers, collecting feedback, analysing the results- all these fall under the purview of social media marketing. Impressive marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. can bring remarkable success to a business by driving leads and sales efficiently. Pepsi, one of the popular and leading brands in the soda industry, has been doing great through social media marketing. The $18.8B brand has taken their marketing to the next level with the help of various social media platform and are quite successful in retaining its existing customers and attracting new customers, despite stiff competition3. Let us try to understand how Pepsi has made it possible to create a global presence by connecting with its global audience using social media. Pepsi uses its Facebook account to promote and to run marketing campaigns uniquely, and it is followed by 38 million people. Naturally, through its Facebook account, Pepsi can reach to a high number of followers by running several campaigns from time to time which leads to decent lead generation. It also collects customer feedback and Pepsi’s social media managers respond to comments, when necessary. Every post is viewed by thousand eyes which helps to create brand recognition and create awareness. Each of the posts receives thousands of views which is good for creating brand recognition and raise awareness. Creating brand recall, besides bringing customers back is Pepsi’s principle strategy here. Pepsi, an aggressive marketer, uses its Twitter account for running ad campaigns and promoting its products, and the account is followed by 3.02 million Twitter users. Pepsi, on daily basis, posts videos, pictures and other updates to keep its audience engaged. The real-time marketing feature also proves to be very much beneficial to accelerate sales. With daily updates, the Twitter account is managed strategically, with effective communication, to attract customers, which ultimately drives brand recall. It leaves a good test also by not flooding its account with tweets. With 1.4 million followers, Pepsi’s Instagram account has a high engagement level. It runs photo-based marketing campaigns to attract a thousand eyeball attention. On the other hand, With 8 lakh followers, YouTube also proves to be an effective platform for Pepsi to generate leads. Pepsi’s successful video marketing strategy in this platform is reflected by its popular ‘Uncle Drew’ series, which received several million views4. Besides these platforms, Pepsi also uses other image sharing sites like Flickr, and Pinterest, professionally, which ultimately place the brand in a strong position in this stiff competitive environment. References: • Kotler, P., & Keller, K. L. (2009). Marketing management. Upper Saddle River, N.J: Pearson Prentice Hall • What is Social Media Marketing? (n.d.). Retrieved from • Columbia Business School - the Eugene Lang Entrepreneurship Center. (n.d.). Pepsi. Retrieved from • Pratap, A. (2019, August 7). Pepsi Social Media Marketing Strategy. Retrieved from


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